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escoffier sandrine

escoffier sandrine

Prof de français pour les étrangers, je mets en ligne quelques conseils pour les aider à comprendre leur pays d'accueil.

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Comprendre la France, la culture française, les français et apprendre le français.
escoffier sandrine escoffier sandrine
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Depuis : 11/10/2007
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Vocabulaire français / French vocabulary

On this page, you will find links to very short articles for beginners. The purpose of these articles is to help you improve your French vocabulary. Enjoy! Animal / animaux Un ours Un cheval

French conjugaison, how to study all these verbs?

Hello! I was just thinking about you as I was writing the post about the "conjugaison" of the "verbes du premier groupe". I was just telling myself that there is a lot to cover regarding the subject of "conjugaison" and unfortunately, in French, the present tense is the most difficult. Well... it's not really difficult, but it is the "conjugaison"

Lockdown in France, where to get the "attestation de sortie"?

As you may know, France is back to a general lockdown... So, if you want to get out, you must follow some rules. First of all, you need a reason to get out : work, pick up your kids at school, grocery shopping or 1 hour walk within 1km from your home. For each and every time you get out, you must carry an "attestation de déplacement dérogatoire".

French vocabulary for beginners : un cheval

Hello, Let's learn a new word! In this very short video, I will help you improve your French vocabulary. You will learn a new word, you can listen to me saying it in French so you can repeat it. The picture helps you to understand. Today it's "un cheval" Enjoy!

French conjugaison : the basics

In this article, I want to give you a few keys to understand how the French conjugaison work. We usually talk about "trois groupes" (3 groups) in the French conjugaison. The first group "le premier groupe" is the easiest because it is the category with the more regularity and nearly no exceptions! It is also a BIG category in the French conjugaison

Conjugaison présent : le verbe manger

Today, let's study the present tense for : la conjugaison du verbe "manger" (to eat). There is a (little) trick, but just a tiny, tiny little one. Tiny but interesting because it will give you a good insight of the French phonetics. In a previous article, I explained that in French, to conjugate a verb of the "premier groupe" at the present tense,

Conjugaison du plus-que-parfait

Si vous voulez apprendre ou réviser la conjugaison du plus-que-parfait en français, je vous donne le lien d'une page qui vous explique comment conjuguer les verbes à ce temps. Le plus-que-parfait est utilisé quand on parle au passé et quand on veut parler de deux événements passés. Un des événements s'étant déroulé avant l'autre. Le pl

Conjugaison verbe : peler, congeler, acheter au présent

Conjugaison verbe : peler, congeler, acheter au présent How to conjugate the verbs : peler (to peel), congeler (to freeze), acheter (to buy) at the present tense (au présent)? Be careful, these verbs have a two forms of radical (basis) and this change is written but also spoken. We must hear the difference between the two forms of conjugaison. Bu
Un ours, c'est quoi en français ?

Un ours, c'est quoi en français ?

Vocabulaire français : French vocabulary 😋 Do you know what "un ours" means? C'est un animal (it's an animal). Lequel (which one) ? La réponse (the answer): Un ours means "a bear" in English. Un ours polaire = un ours blanc.

Present tense in French : le présent premier groupe

Let's get started with our "conjugaison française". Présent verbes du premier groupe In a previous article, I mentioned 3 groups (categories) of verbs. Today, we're going to study the first group : le premier groupe. In this group, you will find all the verbs with the "infinitif" finishing in "ER" : manger, danser, chanter, parler, écouter, rega