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Frédéric Montagnon

Frédéric Montagnon

Français. Ingénieur. Entrepreneur. @ New York.

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Frédéric Montagnon

Entrepreneur. Je participe à construire OverBlog et Ebuzzing.
Frédéric Montagnon Frédéric Montagnon
Articles : 1074
Depuis : 03/12/2008
Categorie : Économie, Finance & Droit

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RT @PaulFrambot: As Compound deactivated COMP...

RT @PaulFrambot: As Compound deactivated COMP rewards on $WBTC holders. Native yield opportunities on this asset become extremely rare. W… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 10, 2022


THIS IS EVIL This is exactly what our web3 ecosystem is fighting: centralized governance. Why? Because it kills o… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 06, 2022

RT @PaulFrambot: This is one of Morpho's biggest...

RT @PaulFrambot: This is one of Morpho's biggest native yield opportunities! Get +1.5% on your leveraged $Eth staking strat with over $50… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 23, 2022

RT @adan_asso: In the context of increasing...

RT @adan_asso: In the context of increasing regulatory debates on #NFTs at the 🇪🇺 level (#MiCA, #AML/CFT), Adan officially launches its NFT… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 26, 2022

RT @ArianeeProject: 4️⃣ reasons why we are...

RT @ArianeeProject: 4️⃣ reasons why we are excited about the Ethereum Merge happening tomorrow! Questions are rising so we sat down with ou… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 14, 2022

Miners will push very hard to promote ETHW, for...

Miners will push very hard to promote ETHW, for sure. You’ll see narratives to discredit PoS, all around. I rememb… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 13, 2022

RT @bneiluj: Ethereum Merge was a complete...

RT @bneiluj: Ethereum Merge was a complete success, above expectations. And considering the enormous amount of ressources that were allocat… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 16, 2022

Again and again :(

Again and again :( Zero party data is the only way to fix this mess Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) August 30, 2022 Washington(CNN Business) The Federal Trade Commission is suing a data broker that the agency claims has sold sensitive location data that can identify specific abortion-seekers, religious worshipers or o

RT @VanityFairFR: Après avoir été accusé...

RT @VanityFairFR: Après avoir été accusé d'escroquerie, Oussama Ammar, l’entrepreneur le plus sulfureux de la start-up nation, livre sa ver… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 29, 2022