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Frédéric Montagnon

Frédéric Montagnon

Français. Ingénieur. Entrepreneur. @ New York.

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Frédéric Montagnon

Frédéric Montagnon

Entrepreneur. Je participe à construire OverBlog et Ebuzzing.
Frédéric Montagnon Frédéric Montagnon
Articles : 818
Depuis : 03/12/2008

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RT @LGOGroup_: HIGH YIELD ALERT 🌾 It's only day 2 out of 31 ! You still have plenty of time to farm $LGO tokens. And APY is HIGH 🚀 1) Pr… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) August 28, 2020

RT @LGOGroup_: [BREAKING] New $LGO token economics...

RT @LGOGroup_: [BREAKING] New $LGO token economics are now live! Read all about it here👇 Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) August 21, 2020 In July 2020, we announced the update of our token economics in a blog post. Following this update, we've started buying back 100% of the fees generated by our spot exchange, gene

RT @LGOGroup_: [Thread]

RT @LGOGroup_: [Thread] The $LGO liquidity rewards program starts on Thursday 27th August 2020 at 10am UTC. How to participate and earn… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) August 26, 2020

doing a $LGO #giveaway for the launch of the 2m...

doing a $LGO #giveaway for the launch of the 2m $LGO liquidity rewards campaign on #Uniswap. You can buy $LGO on… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) August 25, 2020

RT @simonpolrot: The European Commission draft...

RT @simonpolrot: The European Commission draft regulation for crypto-assets was leaked a few days ago (167 pages!..). I’m happy to see a be… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 15, 2020

RT @one_block_more: To celebrate $LGO having the...

RT @one_block_more: To celebrate $LGO having the highest yield farming APY on #Uniswap right now, I ran a giveaway, now worth >$125. I pick… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) August 28, 2020

RT @LGOGroup_: [BREAKING] $LGO now holds a PSAN...

RT @LGOGroup_: [BREAKING] $LGO now holds a PSAN registration for digital asset custody and brokerage services with the AMF 🚀… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) October 19, 2020

RT @LGOGroup_: [$LGO Liquidity Rewards]

RT @LGOGroup_: [$LGO Liquidity Rewards] The $LGO liquidity rewards program starts in less than 48 hours 🚀 We’ve published a blog post with… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) August 25, 2020

Vous pourriez utiliser votre « notoriété »...

Vous pourriez utiliser votre « notoriété » pour expliquer comment la technologie nous aiderait à sortir de cette cr… Frédéric Montagnon (@fred_montagnon) September 29, 2020