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A Low Light

A Low Light

Per aspera ad astra
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Depuis : 29/04/2008

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New Year's Eve

Nos poignets liés et luminescents Ton invincible sérieux dans les rythmes évanescents Me rappellent au jour de cette valse à trois temps, Où tes jalouses amours fusillaient nos corps adolescents. Ce soir doit bien remonter à une décennie Et depuis nous avons souffert bien des décès, dis, Mais mon cœur endurci pour tes yeux noirs s'enflamm

Bad for each other

Breathe in, breathe out And let these tears rain Don't call me out For nothing can be changed Our time has passed so just Refrain the pain Endings can last As beginnings fade Cause if we had a chance Hope would still push me on On the edge, where my brain Tries but fails, cause we're gone Hurt remains, but in vain Eclipse of the heart they said Rat

Toucher le ciel

Toucher le ciel Froisser mes ailes Frissonner d'aise Changer de thèse Changer de thème Te dire je t'aime Toucher ta peau Goûter tes lèvres Te sentir beau Monter la fièvre Te dévorer Des yeux, des doigts Te respirer A bout de bras Comme une trève Comme un combat Une quête qui s'achève Les premiers pas Et les rires, les soupirs Ma vie qui re

The Right Choice

I met the first one when I was thirteen Kissed him when I was fourteen Loved him when I was fifteen I guess he had no flaw but he Gave me more than I could receive And I’m always the one who makes the sad choice. The second one I thought was the one We moved in together, I took a cat But what was great ended up real bad We eventually became roomm

Just so you know

Just so you know, I’m the one in chargeEverything’s fucked up, you’ll get used to itYou will soon envy these seagulls at largeAnd truly understand the meaning of bittersweet. Just so you know, I’ve been here for two monthsAnd I still have a couple more to goAt some point I thought I would end up numb -How’s that you’re here till the sum

The Queen's Gambit

I'm sick to my stomach And my guts are all clenched I wish I could puke You out of my system I thought it meant something The knot stuck in my throat You've captivated me by having Me all weeping and nauseous. At first I couldn't tell Where the shivers did come from It should've rung a bell But I blamed it on the rum. My friends told me to keep my

Act Like You Care

I'm not asking you to be there All the time You don't want to celebrate birthdays And that's fine But even if I'm doing my best It seems like I'm bound to fail Cause if I can stand every second You're not around I guess I can't stand not being on your mind So please act Like you care And text me once a day or twice Oh please act Like you care A few

72 hours

Le temps est morne à Amiens. Morne comme mon cœur ce matin, mon amour. C'est fou, comme quelques petites heures peuvent changer une vie. Il y a soixante-douze heures, je montais dans un train pour te rejoindre. J'étais légère. Je crois que pour la première fois depuis des mois, j'étais même heureuse. Il y a soixante-six heures je te retrouv

A Night to Remember

Your eyes, your smile, Your arms, your charms, Your laughter, your ease, (The way you aim to please) And your hands, your palms, My legs, your aplomb, Your fingers, my skin, (How could I not dive in?) Your lips, your tongue, Your gentleness, Your embrace, Your kisses all over My face Your ears, your moles, Your sunburns, our souls, The way I lost c

French Tarot

Is it because you're scared? Is it because you're scarred? You discarded every ace But you won't show your trump card Is it because you're afraid? Is it maybe too hard? Every one saw you searching for my hand But no one can see through your heart Is it because you're hurt? Is it because you're proud? You're quite apart from your boys' club But your