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Love arabic fashion, make up, and all thing girly... Enjoy!
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Arabic fashion, make up, body care, and all things girly... Enjoy! أزياء العربية ، مكياج، العناية بالجسم، وجميع الأشياء جرلي ... 💋 💋
Dannya Dannya
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Depuis : 18/05/2013
Categorie : Lifestyle

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Skin lightening remedy || Skin care ♡

Skin lightening remedy || Skin care ♡

Hello my beauties, I hope you are all well :) Today I decided to share with you a skin lightening recipe that you can do at home, it's really fast and simple to do. For those who are interested let's begin ! You will need: -1 tablespoon of lemon juice (fresh lemon is recommanded for good results) -2 tablespoon of salt -1 tablespoon of olive oil Mix