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Mason jar salad

Hello again! This recipe is great for a small and healthy lunch. It's pretty good too. You will need : -salad (I use iceberg or romaine hearts) -grilled bacon (cut in small piece) -avocado (cut in pieces) -grilled chicken (cold) -tomatoes (cut in pieces) -cream cheese -a mason jar (or any container, I use a "Bonne Maman" jelly jar) You will have to

Harry Potter pencil wand

Hello! Are you a HUGE HP fan like me? (BTW, I think you probably know it but if you don't, HP means Harry Potter) Then that pencil wand is for YOU! It's so cool. But just to be clear, it's not a wand but a pencil looking like a wand. You can still use this "recipe" to make yourself a wand. You will need : -a pencil (I use a brand-new pencil so it's
On-the-go breakfast mason jar

On-the-go breakfast mason jar

Hello! New recipe perfect for busy people or school days mornings! It's healthy and so easy and quick to make! You will need : -raspberries -yogurt (I use vanilla but you are as free to use what you want even tough plain and vanilla are the best yogurts to make this recipe) -seeds (I use pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds) -a mason jar (or any contai

Workout Week

Hello again! I talked about workout in my Recipe for a good sleep and here it is! It's great and it works well. Try it if you want stronger muscles! Do this every week and you will feel fresh, strong and athletic! Workout : 10 abs 10 push ups 10 squats Plank 15 seconds 15 abs 15 push ups 15 squats Plank 30 seconds 20 abs (20 push ups if you want) 2

Percy Jackson "drachma" jar

Hello PJ fans (PJ = Percy Jackson, HO = Heroes of Olympus)! You have a lot of dimes, nickels, quarters, pennies and don't know what to do with them and you love Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus? First, if you're a kid, give your quarters to your parents and ask them to reimburse you in dollar bills : quarters are so useful in parking lots. ;)
Roasted banana

Roasted banana

Hello! This recipe is loved by EVERYONE! It's easy and quick to make, and it's very good. It's not as healthy as my On-the-go breakfast mason jar (click for link) but it's still good and honestly not that bad for your health, donut worry... (cheesy joke I know that) You will need : -one banana -butter -a pan You will have to : -cut your banana -put

Salad of the month

Hey! It's Sunday and many of you might be asking yourselves "What am I going to eat?" Well here is your answer (even though you might not have all of the ingredients): I call this salad Vanilla-Pea Shoots salad because well you have vanilla and pea shoots in it. It's SOOOOO good and it makes me feel fresh and healthy. I like to drink fresh water wi
Best hot chocolate ever

Best hot chocolate ever

Hello! It's blizzard time with snow storm Jonas! The Weather Channel says 2ft+ of snow in DC so we are going to be snowed in! It's already snowing and I just came back from the japanese restaurant and I'm FREEZING! Everything in my area is already covered in snow and it's so pretty and white. :))))) If you still have power during the blizzard, you

The recipe to a good sleep

Hello people who like to sleep! Sleeping is important! It helps you grow and feel good and fresh. (But you already know that, right!?) To sleep well, you are going to have to do some things you will not like. The magic recipe : 1. 30 to 40 minutes of relaxing which means no TV, no phones (I know, that's hard), no chasing your bros and sistas. Why?
What am I reading?

What am I reading?

Hi guys! I recently started Twilight from Stephenie Meyer and I love it! Honestly, I always thought I would hate this book but finally it's awesome. But it's really a book for girls : it's romance and only girls can understand this book. ;) It's very easy to read and I'm so surprised to like this book. If you want to read something different from u