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JF Mopin

JF Mopin

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Alain Borne Flipped Classroom

Alain Borne Flipped Classroom

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JF Mopin JF Mopin
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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

JU Flipped-Classroom Project

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JF Mopin JF Mopin
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JU flipped classroom, episode two.
JF Mopin JF Mopin
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A Boy for You and a Girl for Me

A Boy for You and a Girl for Me The text is an extract from a novel. The title is Funny you don’t look like a grandmother. It is partly autobiographical. The narrator, Goo-Goo (a nickname), offered a doll to her granddaughter, Debbie (a short name for Deborah). Her daughter went bananas/was furious. She said it was a sexist cliché. When she was

2D8 Rain Man

Rain Man Directed by Barry Levinson Released in 1988 Charlie Babbit Raymond Babbit Sandford Babbit Suzanne Doctor Brunner Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals). Solicitor Will Legacy Heir Rose bushes Wallbrook Autistic savant (Asperger syndrome). $3,000,000 Elopement Custody Ransom He had a fit Highways Interstate roads Motels Special abilities tooth
Les textes

Les textes

Sunny Prestatyn BY PHILIP LARKIN Come To Sunny Prestatyn Laughed the girl on the poster, Kneeling up on the sand In tautened white satin. Behind her, a hunk of coast, a Hotel with palms Seemed to expand from her thighs and Spread breast-lifting arms. She was slapped up one day in March. A couple of weeks, and her face Was snaggle-toothed and boss-e

Liste des textes vus en cours de littérature

Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn William Shakespeare, As You Like It Mary Shelley, Frankenstein Dalton Trumbo, Johnny Got His Gun Philip Larkin, Sunny Prestatyn / Self’s The Man Ruth Rendell, A Judgment in Stone Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility Dan Simmons, Hyperion Dava Sobel, Longitude Jaen A

Oraux bac blanc

PHAM (F118) Nom Entrée Début LV Début LELE Fin Boudjelida 15/5 14h30 14h40 15h 15h10 Renaud 15/5 14h 14h10 14h30 14h40 Forlac 15/5 15h 15h10 15h30 15h40 Guerda 15/5 15h30 15h40 16h 16h10 Marginet 17/5 14h 14h10 14h30 14h40 Ralaison 18/5 8h 8h10 8h30 8h40 Dimbu 18/5 8h30 8h40 9h 9h10 Tampigny 18/5 9h 9h10 9h30 9h40 Ali (LV1, pas LVA) 18/5 11h 11h

2D7 A Horse, a Family and a Dream

A Horse, a Family and a Dream The text is an article from US News and World Report, released in March 4th, 1996. It is about a trip around the world. A Scottish family of five decided to sell their house to buy a wagon and a horse to travel. They started in the Orkney Islands, then through Scotland, England, Belgium and France, where they changed h

Apollo 13

The original crew was headed by Alan Shephard. Six months before launch : his ear infected. The prime crew : Fred Haise, Jim Lovell and Ken Mattingly. Two days before launch, Mattingly : measles. Replaced by Jack Swigert (bachelor). Take-off : at 13:13. reach the moon on the 13th. Marilyn Lovell lost her wedding ring. On day two : oxygen tank explo

The Beginning of the End of Segregation

The Beginning of the End of Segregation The text is an article from the website of the museum of segregation. It is about how segregation ended. It falls into two parts: the first one is about Rosa Parks and the second about Jack Kennedy. In the first part, they allude to the incident that led to Rosa Parks’(s) arrest. What the text does not deta

1ES3 The Great Hunger

The Great Hunger The text is chapter 28 from a nonfiction book entitled The Great Hunger, written by Cecil Woodham-Smith in 1962. It is the work of reference on the Irish famine. The principal cause of the Irish famine was the bad relation between landlords and tenants; the former were English, the latter were Irish. This repartition was the result

1ST2S2 Far and Away

Far and Away The movie starts in Ireland (Connemara). Joseph Donnelly’s father died (twice). Stephen Chase (a Middleman) evicted Joseph’s family (Daniel and Colm). He is engaged/fiancéed/betrothed to Shannon. He decided to kill his Landlord, Daniel Christie. Captain Moonlight. He was taken prisoner. He challenged Stephen to a duel. But Shannon