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Everything and anything that improves our life on earth.
Sam Sam
Articles : 15
Depuis : 30/05/2016
Categorie : Lifestyle

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Walter Pearson Jr on the Latter Rain

Pastor Walter Pearson preaching on the topic of the latter rain at the the 3ABN campmeeting. When we look at the work of evangelism that before us it is very easy to feel daunted as they are literally billions that need to hear the gospel. Fortunately for us God has a plan to cut short this work. He has promised to send his Spirit in a second pente

Adventist Sermons: Dwight Nelson

The video is an Adventist sermon by Dr Dwight Nelson of Pioneer Memorial Church. it is a sermon in defence of the trinity doctrine which continues to come under attack by some sections of the Adventist church and the Christian church. Dr Dwight goes through various bible verses to show that the doctrine of the trinity is indeed based on sound bibli

The Sabbath Defined

It is easy for us Christians to assume that everyone understands our biblical vocabulary when in fact they don't. It is with this in mind that I want to present the Sabbath definition. The word Sabbath comes from the hebrew word Shabbat which can mean rest but is also means to cease. I read somewhere that cease should be the most likely translation

Galatians 6 Commentary

This Galatians 6 commentary focuses on our relationship one to another as Christians.How we are forbear one another and how we are to treat our erring brothers and sisters. Paul suddenly stops the theological treatment of righteousness by faith and now brings it to the local church environment. It is now righteousness by faith in real life. Does ri

Adventist Home

The Adventist Home is a book every Christian family must have. It provides tips on how a Christian family should operate. It is a compilation of magazine articles, letters and manuscripts from the pen of one of the most prolific female Christian writers in the world, Ellen G White. Ellen White’s books have been translated into hundreds of languag

Adventist Music

I would like to present to you a taste of adventist music to spice up your day today. I hope that you will enjoy the following video. i also pray that you will through this video grow in your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross that we may have eternal life. The video features some of the best Adventist musicians in the Un

Walter Pearson Sermons: Everybody Cried

This is one of Elder Walter Pearson sermons Entitled Everybody Cried. It is based on the story of the resurrection of Lazarus. Anyone Who appreciates Good sermons would love this sermon. A sermon Very powerful indeed. By Resurrecting Lazarus Christ Showed His divinity to the doubting Jews de son time. He Showed That Can Be Conquered-even death. We

How To Promote Your Blog With Web 2.0 backlinks

For a long time people have been neglecting web 2.0 backlinks in their SEO campaigns without knowing how some are benefiting from them. The search engines really don't care where you get your backlinks as long as they are relevant and from reputable blogs. In any case blogger is their own platform which they surely cannot ignore. There are so many

Dwight Nelson Sermons: How To Vote as A Christian

In this video, Dr. Dwight Nelson of the Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University preaches on how to vote as a christian. It is a Powerful and thought provoking sermons in this day When the church is try trying to control the government to Enhance ict agendas. Dr. Dwight Nelson challenges this interference and says every time the Church Itself

Nancy Van Pelt - Family Life Educator

Nancy Van Pelt was until her death one of the most famous family life educators in the Adventist church. She authored more than 10 books on family Life. Some of her books include “To Have and To Hold”, “Smart Love”, “Compleat Courtship” etc. She conducted family life seminars all over the world. She visited countries such as Britain, So