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tifaine bachet

tifaine bachet

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  le blog tifaine-in-newzealand

le blog tifaine-in-newzealand
tifaine bachet tifaine bachet
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Depuis : 21/11/2006

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3 march

On friday, it was a simple school day. But with the french girls the afternoon after school we went to town by bus, near to the cathedral, there was a market ,there. After we did some shopping at some souvenirs shop. Then we met Romain and Amaury to eat and to continue our shopping. It was pretty cool. I met Erin after because she had to go to the

14 march

Yesterday after a school day (I had all the subjects that Erin takes) we went to town with a lot of French (Aimie, Eve, Gemma, Paola, Amaury, Romain, Marjorie, Anne-laure, Marine and Ben!!). We just sat at Starbuck coffee, then we did a bit of shopping. It was cool! I came back home around 7.00pm. After dinner i watched on the Tv The Amazing Race.

27 february

Yesterday, I went to school, like the other days, but the maths'teacher was absent so we went to watch the athletics. It was quiet cool, because in France we don't have this. Schools are defenetly different from France, we don't have a grand park inside of the school, or a theatre (when there are assemblies), or a pool... So that's good to see diff

12 march

Yesterday i came back from hokitika around 10am, i didn't do anything special, i just talk on msn with some french people. It was cool to talk to some french friends stayed in France. The evening we went to the barbecue at francois house. It was nice, we had a good time. Today i went to school like the other days, but the evening i made my family s

4 march

Today we leaved Hanmer, and its wonderful house at 10am, to come back early to Christchurch because Erin had some work the afternoon.We arrived ,finally at 12 am, and while Erin was working at New World (a super-market) i met her grand mother, i watched the Tv and went on the computer. The night we had a barbecue, my family, the grand parents, a fr

7 march

Today I begun my school day by English, Eve-Anaelle came with us ( Gemma and I) because Michelle was sick. Then we had French, with all the Frech girls we went to Mr Picard class to talk with the students of Bourges and of our life in France. It was cool to heard them speaking french. The afternoon with all the burnside girls, we took the bus to go

1 march

We went to the barbecue with Erin, but just before we stopped at Subways to take some sandwiches which are special from Subways, you just tell the waiter what do you want to eat in your sanswich and he puts this in in front of you..... So after we went to Camille and Charlene's school for the barbecue. It was really good to see all the others frenc

10 march

Yesterday after school, at 3.30pm, after packing our luggage we took the car to go to Hokitika, a city on the West Coast!!!. During the trip we saw many different landscapes, a lot of mountains without grass, sheeps, and when we arrived near to that coast, the vegetation was very freen, a lot of trees, and other greens plants! It was amazing there

6 march

Yesterday was a usual day in Burnside high school, first we had the Assembly with all the students from year 13: at midday we ate on the grass, with all the french girls. After we had maths with paola in the informatic room. Finally after the french class we came back home, and i did my biology homework for 2 hours. Then the evening we simply watch

8 march

Today I had Physix, maths, french and biology. It was just a school day like the others. When i came back home i worked on my TPE (i've finished it). After when Erin's mother came from work we went to a centre where you can see some typical newzealand's animals. But when we arrived a Maori adventure was taking place, so we went with the group in th