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Depuis : 07/03/2007
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protest songs Tle 2007

On Monday we started by correcting the exercice I gave you for the holidays (p 73 in your workbook) and we wrote some rules for the "s".Then we worked on a new theme entitled "Songs of freedom". We started by reading texts on the evolution of jazz in our book (p 50-51) and completing the worksheet in our workbook (p18-19). We discovered Gospels and

committed singers Tle 2007

Today we worked on committed singers using what's written in your book p 55. You knew some elements on Marvin Gaye, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash and Bob Dylan (well he's still alive btw :$) as expected and as some of you had done their homework properly we could even have their opinion on committed songs and singers. We discussed around the things
name of the rose 2nde

name of the rose 2nde

We watched an interesting film entitled "the name of the rose" based upon a novel by Umberto Eco and staring Sean Conery and Christian Slater. I hope you enjoyed it ...Here is the trailer of this wonderful film ;p Remember you have an understanding test tomorrow
Special Bac (claudine)

Special Bac (claudine)

Here is some help for those who revise for their exam - English at the "Baccalaurerat" - Bac séries générales - Anglais de spécialité en L et ES - Bac séries technologiques (sauf stg) - nouveau bac stg THE WRITTEN EXAM - advice for the written exam (Hatier) - last minute advice (adapted from Today in English) THE ORAL EXAM advice for the oral

worksheet 2nde

Here is the correction of the worksheet we worked on during our modules last week.

grille oral

A. S’exprimer en continu B. Prendre part à une conversation C. Intelligibilité et recevabilité linguistique Degré 1 Degré 1 Degré 1 Produit des énoncés très courts, stéréotypés, ponctués de pauses et de faux démarrages. LV1 et LV2 : 1 pt Peut intervenir simplement, mais la communication repose sur la répétition et la reformulation
Bowling for columbine T.ES 2007

Bowling for columbine T.ES 2007

We started watching "Bowling for Columbine" by Mickael Moore which deals with violence in the USA and especially in schools as 12 people were killed at Columbine High School, Littleton (near Denver). We saw Carlton Eston (the president of the National Riffle Association) coming and making a speech in Littleton only 10 days after the slaughter and y