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Bonjour. Je m'appelle sylvain, j'ai 39ans et j'habite a giromagny a coté de belfort. J'espère que mon blog vous donnera envie d'y revenir. A bientôt.
depechemode90 depechemode90
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Depuis : 19/01/2007
Categorie : Musique & Divertissements

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Waiting For The Night

I'm waiting for the night to fall I know that it will save us all When everything's dark Keeps us from the stark reality I'm waiting for the night to fall When everything is bearable And there in the still All that you feel Is tranquility There is a star in the sky Guiding my way with it's light And in the glow of the moon Know my deliverance will

Two Minute Warning

We're lying by the orange sky Two million miles across the land Scattered to the highest high Expect they'll either laugh or cry No sex, no consequence, no sympathy You're good enough to heat Two minute warning Two minutes later When time has come My days are numbered The dawning another year Marks time for those who understand One in four still he

Walking In My Shoes

I would tell you about the things They put me through The pain I've been subjected to But the Lord himself would blush The countless feasts laid at my feet Forbidden fruits for me to eat But I think your pulse would start to rush Now I'm not looking for absolution Forgiveness for the things I do But before you come to any conclusions Try walking in

Told You So

And do those feet in modern times Walk upon the flowers And walk upon their brothers While the heads are busying lying low Trying to keep to cover...oh Something went wrong Along the way Everybody's waiting for Judgement day So they can go Told you so Bring me my gun of itching desire Bring me my bullets and I will fire Sights set higher than a tal

work hard

You've got to work hard, you've got to work hard If you want anything at all You've got to work hard, you've got to work hard If you want anything at all Nothing comes easy And that's a fact Nothing comes easy But a broken back You've got to work hard, you've got to work hard You've got to work hard, you've got to work hard You've got to work hard,

When The Body Speaks

To the soul's desires The body listens What the flesh requires Keeps the heart imprisoned What the spirit seeks The mind will follow When the body speaks All else is hollow I'm just an angel Driving blindly Through this world I'm just a slave here At the mercy Of a girl Oh I need your tenderness Oh I need your touch Oh I dream of one caress Oh I pr


Well it's about time It's beginning to hurt Time you made up your mind Just what is it all worth All my useless advice All my hanging around All your cutting down to size All my bringing you down Watch the clock on the wall Feel the slowing of time Hear a voice in the hall Echoing in my mind All your stupid ideals You've got your head in the clouds

Tora! Tora! Tora!

They were raining from the sky Exploding in my heart Is this the love in disguise Or just a form of modern art? From the skies you could almost hear them cry "Tora! Tora! Tora!" In the town they were going down Tora! Tora! Tora! I had a nightmare only yesterday You played a skeleton You took my love and died that day I played an American From the s

Tomorrow's Dance

Saturday night, you look so chic Been waiting for this moment, been waiting all week The pub is crowded, much too hot The boys, they're dancing, they just can't stop Tomorrow's dance, tomorrow's dance You dance your dance, you dance your chance Tomorrow's dance, tomorrow's dance You dance with pride and you dance with pride Ice cold drinks, get sol

What's Your Name?

Sometimes watch you walk the street at midnight Sometimes I can feel you in the air Looking good, knew you would All the time I understood chorus: Hey you're such a pretty boy Hey you're such a pretty boy Hey you're such a pretty boy You're so pretty Everybody seems to look your way now (everybody seems to look your way) Everybody wants to know you