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Blog de Mme Catoire, professeur d'anglais au lycée M. Genvevoix à Ingré (45)
Catoire Catoire
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Depuis : 31/08/2006
Categorie : Maison, Déco & Bricolage

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Thursday June 5th, 2nde 8

"The Adams' Family": - write the story / make the people speak from the photos of the film Objectif: expression écrite - compare with the film Objectif: compréhension orale

Monday Tuesday May 26th- 27th, 1ère ES

- Texte p. 116: the character of Sam, his point of view (and the author's) on the death penalty - Comparing with the scene in the film "The Chamber" (in French "l'héritage de la haine") - Translating - TEST: reading and writing on the film / death penalty

Thursday May 29th (GR2), Monday June 2nde (GR1)

- Comment of the text "on the air" - last scene of the film TRUMAN SHOW Click here to review the lesson - Big Brother - Texte "The Hate Scene" (extracted from George Orwell's novel: 1984) : global comprehension HOMEWORK: finish the exercises: pick out information about the characters and the action

Thursday June 5th, T S4

- "1984": correction of the text "The two-minutes hatred", extracted from George Orwell's book "1984" Click here to review the lesson (a summary + the text) - Comparison to the film directed by Michael Bradford "1984" (1st scene)

Tuesday May 27th, T S4 gr2- Thursday 29th gr1

-Scene 22 of the film "Truman Show": Listening comprehension + comparing to the film (differences, cinema techniques) - Corresponding text from the book: "On the air" Homework for the next class: first 3 exercises on the text: (describe / circle / explain...)

The blog has moved!

Starting from September 1st 2008, you will find Mrs Catoire's blog on the link: See you there!
This is the end...

This is the end...

English lessons are over... For the "terminale" and "premiere", I wish you the best of luck for your exams! And for the "seconde", enjoy your holidays... lucky you! Finally, for those of you who had the opportunity to taste those wonderful ginger cakes on our last day of class , here is the recipe

Monday Tuesday June 2nd- 3rd, 2nde

- Module traduction - Cheaper by the Dozen Objectif: enrichir le vocabulaire de la famille, regarder une scène pour compléter le résumé (rebrassage du vocabulaire, temps, mots de liaison) Click here to review the lesson Homework: review the lesson

Thursday June 5th, 1ère ES 2

"Minority Report": - Listening to "Precrime and Precogs" (from the Bonus DVD) Objectif: compréhension orale Click here to see the correction of the script - Film: scene 1 Objectif: retrouver dans le film les éléments repérés dans le script HOMEWORK: Translate into French the first paragraph of the script

Monday Tuesday June 2nd- 3rd, 1ère ES

- Correction of the test Click here to review the correction - Preventing crime: film Minority Report: trailers + deconstructing Objectif: compréhension globale de l'histoire, observer les procédés de la bande annonce Texte: anticipate HOMEWORK: complete the first 3 paragraphs of the text Objectif: cohérence grammaticale, lexicale, contextuelle