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Orel - MA textile futures inspiration

News et inspirations d'une designer textile for futures
Orel! Orel!
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Depuis : 08/09/2007
Categorie : Maison, Déco & Bricolage

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"Imagine a world in which humans and objects coexist, living out epic tales of adoration, love, and above all, empathy – a sensual realm wherein the walls erected to separate flesh from polymer crumble giving a way to lawless and unsupervised consumer future [...] Finally, imagine a world with less waste, minimized pollution and reduced resource

Anything but Ordinary

Yes yes, I know you are all impatient to discover what I've been doing for one year, and the good news is that now it is the time! For the one who couldn't make it for the show, Azure Magazine interviewed me. Here is an extract : "Aurélie Mossé i s redefining the relationship we have to the home. The recent MA Design for Textile Futures at Centra
Post-it of the 21th century

Post-it of the 21th century

In my quest of Post-it and all its shapes, this is one proposition from the MIT to adapt it for the 21th century. I am not quite sure about its utility but quite interesting socio-technologically speaking. Source:

Materials and Innovation : the pursuit of the new

Jen Leary and Aurélie Mossé from MA textile futures at Central Saint Martins, London, discuss about the importance of Innovation in materials. Discover "The Paradoxical Story of Paper and Lace" and "Plastic Steel and the Acceptance of New Materials" on the website of the course. Source:


"Even the world ecology is taken from the greek oikos, meaning house or household: the immediate human environment."Jonathan Chapman , Emotionally Durable Design, Earthscan publishing, 2006, p21 I am reading again this book for thesis purpose, but the more I read it, the more I realize how much it is relevant and inspiring, so I would definitively
Ikea and Stereotypes

Ikea and Stereotypes

Ikea and the effects of standardization / fabrication of stereotypes is a vast subject, I am still interested in. Here is an interesting controversy about their users guide, claimed to be sexist as only showing men assembling the famous kits:link Source: Cultural differences in Ikea Manuals,

The Constellation Wallpaper on Re-Nest

Do you remember this wallpaper concept I've designed last year for Philips Design? Well, Re-Nest, a green design for homes website is talking about it. Have a look here to refresh your mind: link
MA textile futures Degree Show

MA textile futures Degree Show

From 13th till 19th of June 2008 Please, Please, all welcome to our MA textile futures degree show where I will be presenting my last collection called : [extra]ordinary furniture, an attempt for emotionally durable design challenging the relationship between textile and furniture. MA textile futures Degree show Where: Southampton Row Site, Lethaby

Yes, at last, has shonw up his little face ! So, please welcome to visit, you'll be able to discover my last creative news as well as past and up-coming design and research projects. Oui, a enfin vu le jour! Alors vous êtes les bienvenus afin de découvrir mes derniers news créatives, ainsi
Karl et la route

Karl et la route

Karl Lagerfeld passe de l'autre côté de l'appareil, prêtant son image à une campagne pour la sécurité routière. Pour le moins désopilant. Source: Fashion Mag Newsletter n° 428 Découvrez l'intégralité de l'article sur ce lien: link