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and Paris reacts

So Sarkozy deems it necessary to send two envoys to mend fences and patch up France's relations with China. Opération rapprochement. Nicolas Sarkozy tente par tous les moyens de renouer avec Pékin alors que plusieurs manifestations anti-occidentales ont eu lieu ces derniers jours, en France et en Chine. Dans la semaine, ce sont deux émissaires,


Lately events in far-off lands have been bugging me. There's stuff I want to write about, but this frustration, disgust and anger with events far away which have no direct impact on my life and which, of course, I have absolutely no control over, has made it difficult to focus on what I'd rather be spending my time doing. The best I can do is to re


Some thoughts that have been ruminating on the remnants of my brain since that torch lighting ceremony in Greece not long ago.... I think it was the (well warranted) cynicism of this post that finally spurred me into writing these thoughts down... No, I don't think; I know. Anyway, I saw the coverage of the rehearsals and dress rehearsals of the ce

blind mountain

So we picked up a few DVDs yesterday afternoon, among which was 李杨/Li Yang's 《盲山》/ Blind Mountain . I'm wondering if this is going to turn into a "Blind" series, each film exploring another of modern China's social ills. If Li Yang is not careful, he might end up like Zhang Yimou, being criticised by the more narrow-minded of China's pe

out wandering

So I did it, I went out and wandered round a bit. Well, first I took bus 34 round to the east gate of the Temple of Heaven, then the subway Line 5 up to Dongdan, then transferred to an incredibly crowded Line 1 and rode that out to Nanlishi Lu. From there I wandered in a vaguely southwestwards direction, looking for 白云观/Baiyunguan. Found it,

interesting headlines

So I'm trying to delay going to the office to mark tests- which desperately need to be got out of the way so I can focus on HSK prep (hahahahhahahhahahahahaha!) and I don't get swamped with the next round of tests coming- oh, straight after HSK. Anyway, I thought I'd delay that by opening up the Southern Daily, and I came across two interesting hea

a few random thots

Just a few random thots from this morning's trip out to ErWai: You know the courtroom scene near the beginning of Police Story where the defence lawyer is picking holes in Jackie Chan's testimony by pointing out how many buses were scheduled to pass the dye factory/slum they smashed up, and Jackie Chan retorts "Haven't you ever waited half an hour
china fta coverage

china fta coverage

So I didn't get time to finish all I wanted to do on this post this morning, and promised I'd get back to it this afternoon. Well, the day's classes are over, the housework is done, and so here goes.... I found three articles on Xinhuanet this morning, one in English, and two in Chinese. The first of the Chinese language articles is simply about th

making themselves heard

And so it seems Chinese people are making themselves heard in France. But two little things stuck out at me, a little comparison suggests itself. In the second article, the one about Chinese protesting in Paris, we have this: Un rassemblement pour réaffirmer le soutien de la population chinoise aux JO de Pékin, «contre l’injustice médiatique


So I'm legal for another year. Well, a year and a bit, actually. The whole residence permit extension process went through without a hitch.... for my two colleagues. For me, well... I arrived just before lunch time this morning with colleague K to collect our shiny, new residence permits. We saw M on his way out, all newly legal again. He'd had to