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Optical Communication

Optical Communication

The latest news, products, technology in fiber optic communication field
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Depuis : 18/06/2015
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Tunable DWDM SFP Transceivers from en.OFweek

You may have noticed the CWDM and DWDM transceivers, like CWDM SFP, CWDM XFP, DWDM SFP, DWDM XFP,...But what are they used for? These transceivers are designed to be used with passive optical multiplexers. If you have a number of these all transmitting on different wavelengths, you can use a passive multiplexer to combine each signal onto a single

The Items You Should Know in Fiber Network

When talking about fiber optic networking, the basic requirements include understanding single-mode vs multi-mode fiber and their uses, learning the connector types with familiarity (SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, etc...), understanding basic troubleshooting of fiber using OTDR's or even a simple fiber laser. Also, never look into that laser or the ends of fibe

How to Open a TSA Lock Without a Key?

Sometimes you may forget the key code of a TSA lock, then here comes the problem, how to open a TSA lock without damage it when you forget the combination you set and don't have the key? (Source from Amazon, tsa locks for luggage) I have heard that there are ways to open a TSA lock commonly found in suitcases even when you have forgotten the code.

SFP and SFP+ Transceiver Modules

SFP transceivers are always plugged into the SFP port of a network switch and connects to Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) optical fiber cables at the other end. By choosing the appropriate SFP module, the same electrical port on the switch can connect to fibers of different types (multi-mode or single-mode) and different wavelengths. If th

Best Smart TV Box Android You Should Know

2016 latest model 4K Android Media Box Amlogic S912 Chipset Kodi 16.1 Full Loaded Android 6.0 Smart Tv Box / Game Palyer Quad Core 2G/16G Streaming Media Players with WiFi HDMI DLNA Android TV Box 6.0 This is a smart and lightweight Android TV Box 6.0, which comes with Android 6.0 OS, and provides users a better experience to enjoy 4K Ultimate HD v

SFP Transceivers Good Features

SFP transceivers are the most used module in the field of Data Communication and Networking. It mainly acts as an interface between a networking device and its interconnecting cable. Always been inserted into fiber switches, routers, etc. The interconnecting cable can be copper and fiber optic. Why SFP Transceivers Are So Popular? 1.The "hot-plugga

Fiber Optic Module Features Overview

The fiber optic module can be classified into various categories based on their performance characteristics and end-use. Currently 6 primary form-factors of fiber optic transceivers are SFP+, SFP, GBIC, X2, 10G XFP, XENPAK, and QSFP+ for 40Gbps,CFP transceiver for 100Gbps. Commonly transceiver modules have the features of fiber mode, transfer rate,

Deep Understanding Fiber Patch Cord

The fiber patch cord is the most used component to conneting the devices in fiber links. You can quickly know the type from the color codes. Color Codes of Fiber Patch Cords Orange is typically OM1 OM2 MMF, OM1 with 62.5um width core and OM2 with 50um width core. Newer OM3 OM4 patch cords are typically teal and 50um in width and can carry signal fu

Difference BetweenThird Party Fiber Optic Transceiver and Brand Transceiver

As you know, the original brand fiber optic transceiver is expensive and the third party fiber transceiver is relative extremely cheap. What's the difference between them? The truth is you are paying for the brand. The only differences between MSA compliant 3rd party fiber optic module, like those manufacturers from en.OFweek, and the optical trans

Fiber Optical Transceivers From Past to Present

The fiber optical transceiver develops from the original 155M to today's 100G, and I want to talk about the high data rate fiber optic transceivers. When 10G Ethernet line cards first hit the market early in the century, OEMs had several choices of MSAs. Modules such as XFP and XENPAK integrate more signal-conditioning circuitry inside the module,