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Le blog de ACORE

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August 25, 2011 : Shoping and Hammam !

August 25, 2011 : Shoping and Hammam !

Girls have a last shopping today : they wanted to buy a hand-bag from Lyon for few weeks ! Romane and Rachel chose the same of course ! In the afternoon, we had good time at the Hammam : something new for Romane, Rachel and Emeline. They really enjoyed, and me too !

August 26, 2011 : Luggage packing !

After 2 hours packing, and 10 times on the scale, Rachel's luggage are ready ! But, there are 15 lbs left here ! How can girls have so much stuff ?????...

August 28, 2011 : Good bye Rachel !

It's diffcult to explain how we feel.... a strange mix of happyness (because she goes back home with her familly), and sadness (because this is the end of the exchange, and we will really miss her)... It's so hard to say her good bye ! Tonight after dinner, Romane called her mom (Karen), she really needed to talk with her. She feels so lonely. Some

Rachel returns to us in California!

On Sunday evening we picked Rachel up from the airport. It was so wonderful to see/touch/feel her! :-) Only Karen and the girls were allowed to go to the gate (one adult per family), so poor Steve had to wait at baggage claim until we could come there. This year has been an amazing year, for Romane and Rachel ... and for the families as well. It wa

August 22, 2011 : Good-bye Papys and Mamies....

After a good week-end at Meillonnas, it's time to leave and go back to work.... It's also time for Rachel to say good-buy to her 4 French grand-parents, with tears in her eyes, and also in their eyes ! Of course Rachel is like their 4th grand-daughter now ! Later in the day they wrote to Jacques : " Sir, We have been deprived of our granddaughter f

August 27, 2011 : Last day at Paris

Rachel leaves from Paris Airport, so we have our last day with her at Paris. We had lunch with friends close to Beaubourg, and we had a last afternnon of shopping on the Champs Elysée. Rachel wanted to walk on the Champ Elysée before leaving France. No more place in her luggage, so we just buy a shirt of Paris for her ! In the evening, we have di

August 20, 2011 : Rachel's party

The second surprise for Rachel was a party : we invited all the familly to say her good-bye before leaving : Papy Jean and Mamie Michèle, Papy Bernard and Mamie Arlette, Aurélie and Antoine, Daniel and Monique, the whole familly of Elise and the whole familly of Talita (they were suppose to leave in the morning, but Talita insisted to stay for Ra