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manufacturer for handheld jackhammer

Diverse categories of drilling equipments are used for specific requirements depending upon the industry type. Choosing a right category of product can help businesses to prosper. Among the varied types of products, rock drilling tools play a vital role so far as underground mining operation is concerned. It has made the task of the mining operators easier thereby increasing the safety concern of individual miners. Rock drills are not just essential for the mining industry or for excavation work, but it is also important for construction projects. Rock drills/jackhammers are generally used for concrete and asphalt. A jackhammer is the combination of hammer & chisel. This particular tool is used to crumble the hard surfaces. A major task of this equipment is to obliterate strong materials like asphalt, rocks, brick structures, solid and frozen ground. The mining and construction industry is extremely dependent on these machines in the present era, due to their light weight, high performance and ease of portability. Nowadays, different manufacturing companies can be found associated with the construction of pneumatic tools that are useful for the construction and mining industry. Choosing a company producing high-quality products is in fact a very hectic job. To get information about the best manufacturer for handheld jackhammer in India, this blog can act as a good source of information. Among many manufacturing companies in India, Mindrill has established its niche as one of the principal manufacturers of handheld pneumatic tools for mining & construction industry. About Mindrill Today, Mindrill is recognized as a global manufacturer and supplier of handheld pneumatic tools for mining and construction industries in India. Founded in 1971, Mindrill has been rendering its outstanding services to customers worldwide. The factory and its corporate office cover an area of over 1,10,000 square feet. With a team of 160 informed and enthusiastic employees, the company has helped several international & domestic customers engaged in mining and construction business to flourish. The organization has strong distribution centers in over 25 countries around the world including USA, Canada, South Africa, and Brazil. Besides this, the company is further planning to set-up its distribution centers in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Russia and Dubai. Each product is developed after thorough research and all parts go through rigorous quality control. Highly competent people are responsible for design, production, testing, and validation. Mindrill supplies top-quality pneumatic rock drill products to customers as per their demands and customer satisfaction is the top priority. Mindrill's Product Portfolio Mindrill produces a wide array of products that allows customers to increase their productivity and generate more ROI(return on investment). The product portfolio includes: • Sinker Drills • Jackleg Drills • Stoper Drills • Pavement Breakers • DTH Hammers • Hydraulic Drifters • Pneumatic Drifters • Drill Rigs • Pneumatic Breakers & Picks • Lubricators • Drill Bits • Spare Parts • Accessories Sinker Drill MH501Lmanufactured by Mindrill is in great demand in the market. The parts are easily interchangeable with rock drill parts RH571-5L.This pneumatic rock drill is a winner of its class. It is can be easily used in tight spaces because of its low weight and robust rifle bar rotation mechanism. Mindrill MH501L Sinker Drill Features & Benefits Mindrill MH501L sinker drills is a light-weight, low-cost machine which is interchangeable with Atlas Copco RH 571-5L and is used for years for small jobs and is considered best fitted for mines with confined operator spaces. This drill will allow miners to make a hole up to the depth of 1.5m with low air consumption. T-grip handles and its low-weight gives the operator a comfortable experience while using it. Besides, the air flushing system built in the drill rod restricts drill jamming by removing the drill chips. Key Features: • Low air consumption • Ergonomic T-grip for dampened vibration • Robust rifle bar rotation mechanism • In-built air flushing system • Ideal for drilling in confined spaces For more information, visit Invention of various types of hard rock drilling equipments has been a great boon for different industries. Drilling tools are nowadays involved with the exploration or extraction of material from the earth.

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