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Here are some personal essays, my interest, so think of something more what or is saw anything recorded in here, I hope that the information released for everybody is useful.
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brand licensing for small and medium-sized gift enterprises do to help?

Brand has become the only way out of the gift of enterprise development, but most gift companies do not have large sums of money required to create their own brand of professionals, as well as operating experience. How to take the brand road? Brand licensing operators began to expand to the gift industry, such as radiant domestic brands, broken chi

2010 most popular 10 white bridal lingerie fashion.

The bride's dress is the most attractive highlights of every wedding. White wedding dresses, Chinese dresses, glittering jewelry of sth Smart bride will certainly not forget to prepare their own personal comfort of underwear let her figure more shine. More than 10 bridal underwear, unrestrained wild sexy charming decoration for your wedding style a

94% of the CPU of Intel this quarter production for 65 nm technology

Yesterday, Intel 2007 first IT summit in Beijing. Intel Corporation headquarters and district senior management, global partners and technical experts, analysts attended the meeting. According to reports, this is the worlds only a technology summit in spring 2007, Intel, and so far held in Chinas largest international IT Summit Intel unveiled 20 ne

Peugeot 308 open the fashion end of the year the gift dragon delivery

End of the year, many people have wholesale cotton drawstring bags embarked on the journey home. The face of difficult to get tickets, it is better to buy a car to go home, joy celebration for Now until January 20, 2012, as long as you enter the store of 308 models, you can participate held by Dongfeng's 308KEY polite joy celebration for theme acti

Features and Application of Gear Reducer

gear speed reducer is power transmission machinery, which uses the gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration. Many transmission equipment uses gear reducer to achieve the effect of low speed with high torque. Gear reducer is using the gear speed inverter to reduce the motor turnover number to the required number of rotations and get a larger torq


LOIRE HARDWARE CO.,LIMITED was established since 2000 located in Guangdong Province, China. Specialised in developing and manufacturing Shower Hardware, Glass Door Hardware, and other Glass Door related accessories, Such as Shower Hinge, Shower Door Handles, Glass Door Fitting, Spider Fittings, Brackets… etc. Products are made of various high qua

The Revolution of Speed Reducer Industry

工业减速机的发展的重要因素 的行业需要具备自己的优势来赢得竞争的行业,而当很多企业跟上他们的竞争对手和他们的对手学习所有的方式,他们会发现自己是远离自己的客户。 目的为什么会出现这种现象的发生呢? 现在,越来越多的GE AR 减速机 公司投入了大

Over-reliance on the camera's society is sick society ...

Recall News: August 26, Yin Hongbin Rugao drivers on their way driving buses, parking rescued a stone old ladies riding side, against being rescued falsely accused people. Thanks to surveillance video of the bus will save process clear record latest news says, note that after this video, the stone woman apologized. (August 30, the Yangzi evening ne

China's auto parts market showing an unprecedented huge space for development

BEIJING, Beijing, September 4 XU Wei Wang Linan, China's auto industry is the demand for spare parts each year to reach about 800 billion yuan each year from one market to the regional business to retailers Auto Parts and three circulation at least to complete the transaction volume of 2,400 billion yuan. Economists auto diagnostic tool believe tha