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Ultrasonic Technologies Method

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Depuis : 29/01/2015
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Do Not Fear FM 200 Solves Fiery Problems

Being good at fire fighting isn’t the perfect answer to handle a fire as big as a fire on a ship. Or claiming to have to most fire extinguishers is also not the perfect solution. Humans can only get near a huge blaze to a certain distance. Reaching the core gets tough when the temperatures are too high as humans cannot bear unsustainable heat and

FM 200 Fire Suppression System Replacing Water Sprinklers

Have you ever been in a building that caught fire with you inside it? What was your reaction, how long did it take for the rescue teams to arrive? Were there any safety precautions inside the building to fight the flames and provide a safe passage to the people inside? When buildings catch fire and there are many people inside, evacuation can be a

Measure FM 200 without Actually Touching It

There are times when your security systems and preparations are put to tests. Combating fire when there are no rescue teams to help is the real test how well you have guarded your ship against unexpected fire. Most of the times when a ship is out sailing in the open seas and oceans, there are no ways to get immediate help in case of a huge tragedy.

Always Check FM 200 with Ultrasonic Device

While wooden carvings look great for an interior it is the most targeted thing in case of fire. The luxury boats of today have wowing wood work present inside and they make the interior look elegant. We even have boats and ships built entirely out of wood. Beautiful as they may be, they keep feeding fire with fuel to gather more strength. The prote

FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems for Ships

​ At sea, safety requirements for the ship are of the highest importance. This also applies to the safety against fire. When out in the open sea, in the event of fire, prompt evacuation is impossible unless you jump in the waters of the greatest depths. Prompt arrival of outside help is impossible as there is nothing which would allow quick trans

FM 200 Efficient In Preserving Peace on Cruise

Man has created some things that are truly marvels on this planet. One of these man’s created marvels include the cruise ships which are no less than a city on a single platform. It contains everything, from bedrooms, bathrooms to casinos, restaurants, shops and even swimming pools. These giant sizes vessels floating on water are some of the bigg

Suppress Fire with FM 200

When calamity strikes, the rescue teams are ready to spring to action, but what of there is no way of them reaching the place? This is what happens when a ship catches fire in the middle of the sea. The rescue teams however they might be willing to help, can’t reach the spot in a hurry. There are no roads connecting and the rescue ships are alway

Using FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems

Ever since there have been bigger setups around the city, the need for fire suppression systems became the utmost necessity. Protection against unmanaged and uncontrolled fire that takes place on buildings and on ships due to some errors or human negligence became necessary because when there are too many people around, things are bound to go wrong

Keep Your Data Center Safe with FM 200

​​​​ Have you ever seen an arrangement of electrical devices arranged in huge racks spread over a huge land? If you have visited a data center then you would say yes. Some of the biggest data storage centers are known to house hundreds or thousands of hard drives and other necessary devices to store all information that is sent to them. Thi

Control Chaos with FM 200

When you are in a huge commercial building and someone says I smell something burning, what do you suppose it would be? Certainly no one is doing barbecue inside a shopping mall, or a building full of offices. It clearly means that something bad is going to happen and you must prepare to evacuate the building as soon as you can. Soon enough, the al