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Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) 2011, broderie main : option couleur. Professeur indépendante internationale, intervenante régulière à la convention "Beating around the bush" (Australie). Professeur aux "Needlework tour" depuis 2013.
catherine-laurencon catherine-laurencon
Articles : 671
Depuis : 02/03/2012
Categorie : Lifestyle

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World Needleword Convention

World Needleword Convention

Meet "Baby Butterfly"! With its magnificent design, this needlepainting embroidery makes good use of vibrant complementary colours to bring this butterfly to life. Don't be fooled by its apparent complexity : this design is for all levels, including beginners. "Baby Butterfly" was taught in Austalia at the Beating around the Bush Convention in 2018