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Depuis : 20/03/2008
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P1: Krrish

Here is the doc about Krrish. Try again if you see the message 'erreur de connnexion', refresh the page and press play again.
Literary Project

Literary Project

I would like you to order this book we are going to study for the European section. It may take some time before you receive it, so order it ASAP (as soon as possible)! Here are the information to get the correct edition: Broché: 88 pages Editeur : Penguin; Édition : 2 (15 avril 2008) Collection : Penguin Readers Level 5 Upper-Intermediate (B2) L

Euro Section - Book to order

Here is the information you need to order the new selected book for the euro section and different links to websites: Edition 1 (the one I have) Fnac: Edition 2 Amazon: Fnac: http://liv

Planning Assistant Feb/March

February Tuesday 4th = Group 2 Thursday 6 = Group 7 Tuesday 11th = Group 3 Thursday 13th = Group 8 Tuesday 18th = Group 4 Thursday 20th = Group 5 March Tuesday 11th + Thursday 13th = Bac Blanc = no lesson Tuesday 18th = Group 1 Thursday 20th = Group 6 (Mme Merlo) Tuesday 25th = Group 2 Thursday 27th = Group 7

Extra Speaking Task

The 2 "module" chose the same subject for the Speaking Interaction Task of Project 4 (the job interview). Some of you were interested in dealing with another subject. It is an extra work, so it is not compulsory (obligatoire) and it will only count in your average mark if it is good/ better than the other ones. Here is the subject: Student A is a h

Listening Document - Wonderwoman

Hello, To practice your listening skills, you can click on the following link and listen again to the document we studied.

!!!!!!! Marks ??!!??

Dear students, I have just realized I did NOT copy your marks regarding the spoken production you did for our project 4 = your presentations. Can you bring back on Monday your little pieces of paper with your mark, please so I can add them before Monday night! If one of you reads this, can you please tell the others students. Hoping you'll get this

Jack The Ripper

You will find all the documents and all the pages clicking on this link: