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Depuis : 02/02/2011
Categorie : Lifestyle

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Osaka et Unesco

Merci Osaka intensifies campaign for World Cultural Heritage status Political opponents have temporarily set aside their differences. Financial institutions are venturing into uncharted territory. Banners are being waved, and leaders are rallying behind slogans of “pride.” O

Peace museum, caving in to threats of closure, scraps wartime 'aggression' exhibits

Merci THE ASAHI SHIMBUN; 01/05/2015 OSAKA--A museum famed for its many exhibits showing Japanese aggression during World War II has removed them, bowing to pressure from conservative politicians. “We had no choice but to remove the exhibition on the aggression to ensure the su
Encore une destruction

Encore une destruction

Il est vraiment dommage que les Japonais ne respectent pas plus leur patrimoine architectural et urbain. Merci 82-year-old Osaka landmark awaits wrecking ball December 31, 2015 OSAKA--Despite an uproar over its impending demolition, the historic main building of the Daimaru Shinsaibashi departmen

Osaka assembly passes nation’s first ordinance against hate speech

Merci E. Johnston, The Japan Times 15 janvier 2016 OSAKA – The city of Osaka passed the nation’s first ordinance by a major city against hate speech late Friday. The text is a watered-down version of a p

Kyoto Asian Studies Group meeting Feb. 23rd

Lu sur la liste mail H-Japan: Dear colleagues, The speaker for the February meeting of the Kyoto Asian Studies Group is Scott Johnson, who will present on the artist Tsukioka Settei (1710–1786) and his erotic parodies of models of proper education and deportment for women. One such book is “Onna Dairaku takara-beki” (see abstract below). The

Korean poet calls Japan place of ‘unification,’ but feels let down by growing racism

Merci By AKIRA NAKANO/ Staff Writer OSAKA--Korean poet Kim Shi-jong, who has lived in Japan for more than 60 years, said while Japan can serve as a common base for the two Koreas, he is saddened over the “genetic" tendency of Japanese to discriminate against ethnic Koreans. Ki
Sumo à Osaka

Sumo à Osaka

Je suis allé voir la petite exposition sur le sumo à Osaka au Musée de l'histoire d'Osaka. J'en retiens surtout deux informations, illustrées par ces images, empruntées au site internet du Musée: - En 1937, on a construit à Shinsekai une salle pour le sumo, le "Osaka Kokugikan", qui pouvait accueillir 25.000 personnes. - les tournois de sumo

Article du jour: City Focus - Osaka: The second coming

Merci /markets-/regions/asia-pacific/city-focus-osaka-the-secondcoming/ 10006554.fullarticle City Focus - Osaka: The second coming January/February 2015 (Magazine) By Christopher O'Dea Japan’s second city is vying to create the country’s most recognised skyline. Christopher O’Dea explores Tokyo’s main competitor Visitors

Bibliothèque, cartes et photos d'Osaka

Merci The Renovated Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library has changed from an ordinary library where visitors check out books and study materials, into one that creates and shares culture. In spring this year,