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Francois Degrelle

Francois Degrelle

Tags associés : j2ee, oracle forms, oracle pl-sql, other

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Articles Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, Java, J2EE
Francois Degrelle Francois Degrelle
Articles : 307
Depuis : 04/10/2005
Categorie : Technologie & Science

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Oracle Forms LAF new Instant Messaging feature?

Hi every Look and Feel happy user! I would like to know if you would be interested in an embeded Instant Messaging system as a new LAF version ? If you have something to say like Yes or No, feel free to answer the little poll I've just created on the FormsBean forum. Many thanks in advance, See you next time, Francois
(no IT for once) This drummer is mad!

(no IT for once) This drummer is mad!

Hello there, If you like funny people, have a look at this drummer . He's (Steve Moore) just crazy on his set ! He made my day Have a good time, Francois

Forms LAF 1.7.7 patch

Hello there, I have just corrected a bug in the LAF concerning loading big images with the NEW IMAGE feature and also the Image Spinner. Download the new from the site (stamp September the 3rd), the version number remains unchanged. See you next time ;-) Francois

Oracle Forms Look anf Feel 1.7.7

This version adds more features on graphics (lines, rectangles, polygons, circles, texts) added at runtime (get/set properties, move, resize, rotate, animate). Get the new version Francois
LAF 1.7.7 new gift for Christmas

LAF 1.7.7 new gift for Christmas

Hello there, It's been a long time. This is an amazing new .FMB Forms module, kind of "Tetris" like game. It needs the last 1.7.7 version of the LAF to run. The game is a little bit buggy, but the aim, there, is only to demonstrate what you can do with new LAF 1.7.7 dynamic shape creation and animation. Have a good time :-) Francois Download the br

(French) Nouveau forum APEX sur

Un nouveau forum francophone vient d'être créé sur l'incontournable site de Il s'adresse aux étudiants/dévelopeurs APEX. Pour tous les développeurs APEX de Belgique, Suisse, Canada, Luxembourg, Afrique, etc. et ceux qui causent la langue de Molière partout ailleurs, je vous invite a venir poser et répondre aux questions sur

Forms Resizer tool for free!

Merry Christmas to everybody :) This year, my present will be the Forms Resizer tool free for you! You can use, play, modify and deploy it as you need and as you want. There is no license at all attached to it. But, I won't continue to update, maintain it in any way, so there will not be any new version, any support, and I won't respond to any ques