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caroline baccou

caroline baccou

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Catalina Trip  2014

Catalina Trip 2014

Here are the adventures of the 6th graders in Catalina 2014.
caroline  baccou caroline baccou
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Depuis : 02/06/2014
Categorie : Environnement & Bio

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Catalina by Maeve

Catalina Island Marine Mammals: Sharks and Rays This is a baby ray who is being raised in a tank for baby sharks, rays, etc… At its tail, you can see a egg-looking blob with white spots. These are eggs. The marine animals in the tank are actually caught in the wild, so don’t touch the stingray's tail unless you wish to be hurt! Don’t worry- t

My experience in Catalina by Mwi

This trip was one of the best school field trips I have ever been to. I have to say between the squid dissection and the snorkeling we were kept occupied all day. Not only did we have free time activities such as basketball and ping-pong, we took three days of marine biology. I can’t really pick my favorite activity, all of them were pretty fun,