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SUISSE BANK offers private and corporate digital offshore banking, blockchain banking and trade finance, licensed in the Union of the Comoros.

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SUISSE BANK offers private and corporate digital offshore banking, blockchain banking and trade finance for its world wide clients under the offshore license. SUISSE BANK offers to its approved clients private and corporate offshore accounts, trading of leading cryptocurrencies and financial instruments to support clients and agents to finance international trade transactions. Our structured finance core competence is the ability to access debt capital markets to generate liquidity via credit enhancement and to customize financial structures.
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Depuis : 10/08/2018

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Wolfgang Zulauf Helps Businesses in Successful International Trading

With international trade comes a gamut of risks, especially because of the differences in culture, language, legislation, politics and currency. If you are not aware of the trade practices, economic and political conditions and jurisdiction of the other country, it can impede business transactions. Wolfgang Zulauf has been in the industry for years

How Wolfgang Zulauf Can Help Address the Challenges of Cryptocurrency Trading

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are deemed to create a more transparent and fair economy, boosting the current financial scenario globally. However, it is not always unicorns and rainbows in the world of cryptocurrencies. There are several challenges that traders face like dealing with different terms, payment methods and policies of dif

Wolfgang Zulauf - Professional Global Trade Financing and Investment Advisory Services

Wolfgang Zulauf is an expert consultant you can trust when it comes to complex areas of trade financing and offshore investments. With his far-sightedness and unparalleled business acumen, he has helped numerous global clients achieve success in diverse fields such as expansion, restructuring, export-import, offshore banking, trade financing, inves

Should You Consider Having a Holding Company For Your Business?

A holding company is one that purchases and owns equity interests in other companies. The latter is then called a subsidiary of the holding company. Typically, the holding company does not engage in producing goods or offering services itself or participate in daily business operations. Rather, it often holds assets of the subsidiary company in lie

5 Success Secrets of Wolfgang Zulauf That Every Business Professional Should Learn

Achieving success isn’t just sheer good luck; it is the skill to learn a trade, leveraging your expertise and augmenting your knowledge continuously....because there is no limit to learning. Success comes with the ability to gauge the potential risks and devising effective strategies that help increase ROI while mitigating adversities in business

Wolfgang Zulauf Helps Minimise Risks in Foreign Trade with These 4 Essential Tips

Often, businesses tend to do the mistake of getting into trade meetings too directly. This can result in intercultural slip-ups, affecting your business relationship. Wolfgang Zulauf suggests that when you enter new markets, it is crucial to know the business culture prevalent in that country. This is also true for interpersonal communications that

Mitigating Risks of International Trading – Know What the Experts Have to Say

International trading – the phrases instantly spark the thought of lucrative business opportunities, growth beyond boundaries and huge profitability. However, it also exposes your business to higher risks imaginable. Complex international trading laws, geopolitical context, language & cultural differences, business practices and customs – busin

Wolfgang Zulauf: One of the Best Mentors You Would Want to Have

Wolfgang Zulauf started his journey in the banking sector and gradually gained expertise in this field with his indomitable passion and commitment to achieve success. Working with several premier financial and banking institutions across the world, he up-skilled himself and used his unparalleled business acumen to reach the top. Bringing in innovat