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Depuis : 25/02/2018
Categorie : Entreprenariat

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South Korean President's 30-year prison sentence

Prosecutors have demanded a 30-year prison term for former South Korean President Park Gwyn Hai on charges of bribery, abuse of power and other crimes in a landmark corruption case marked by the downfall of the country's first female leader and a conservative figure. Park did not attend the court hearing, in which the prosecution also demanded a fi

He raped and slaughtered his nephew and put her body in a refrigerator

He raped and slaughtered his nephew and put her body in a refrigerator A British court recently sentenced a person to life imprisonment after following him for murdering, raping and slaughtering his niece and then placing her body in a refrigerator. According to international media sources, the details of the crime that took place in Kingston, sout

Greek Economy Minister resigns hours after his wife resigns for these reasons

Greece's economy minister Dimitris Papademitriu resigned Tuesday, the prime minister's office announced, hours after his wife was removed from her post as state minister charged with working after she was found to receive 1,000 euros a month in damages. The Prime Minister's Office said Papademitriou submitted his resignation on Monday night for "po

A teenager tried to assassinate Britain's Queen Elizabeth

The New Zealand intelligence agency confirmed Thursday that for the first time a teenager tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II of Britain during a visit to the southern city of Dundane in 1981. The 17-year-old Christopher Lewis, a 17-year-old member of the Commonwealth, was shot in the direction of the Queen on her way to a science fair on Octob

Sex scandal hits the Russian parliament These are the details

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian women journalists have been charged with sexual harassment in unprecedented cases in Russia, nearly five months after the scandal of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused by more than 100 women of harassment, rape and sexual assault. Russian-speaking Russian sources revealed that three journalists covering t