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CV of Maryline Chetto, full professor at university of Nantes, researcher in real-time computing
Chetto Chetto
Articles : 12
Depuis : 24/02/2018

Articles à découvrir

Communications in international conferences ( 1982 - 1989)

[CSE88] H.Chetto, M. Chetto and N. Elyounsi On designing a real time system exempt of any timing failure 8 th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Computer Control Systems, Vitznau, Suisse, Sept 1988. [CS88] H.Chetto and M.Chetto. On fault tolerance in hard real time systems (papier invité)12 th IMACS World Congress , Paris, France, juillet 1988. [CS87] H

List of supervised PhD students

W. Housseyni, Scheduling for reconfigurable multiprocessor energy harvesting embedded systems, in preparation from october 2015. R. El Osta Contributions to Real Time Scheduling for Energy Autonomous Systems. Defense: 27 of october 2017. Examinators : A. Mellouk, M. Jan, D.Chillet, R.Hage, M.Chetto. O. Jallouli Chaos

Edition of books

M. Chetto, Ordonnancement dans les systèmes temps réel, ISTE Editions, ISBN: 978-1-78405-039-9, 398 pages, juin 2014. M. Chetto, Real-Time Systems Scheduling, Tome 1 Fundamentals Wiley, ISBN: 978-1-84821-665-5, 308 pages, septembre 2014. M. Chetto, Real-Time Systems Scheduling, Tome 2 Focuses Wiley, 978-1848217898, , 282 pages, novembre 2014.


[OCE20] R. El Osta , M. Chetto, H. ElGhor, Optimal Slack Stealing Servicing for Real-Time Energy Harvesting Systems, to appear in The Computer Journal (JCR). [CE19] M. Chetto, H. El Ghor Scheduling and power management in energy harvesting computing systems with real-time constraints, Journal of Systems Architecture Volume 98 , September 2019, Page

Communications in international conferences (1990-2009)

[SZ09] M. Chetto and H. Zhang “Issues in real-time scheduling for energy harvesting sensor nodes”, ACM/IEEE International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Information Systems (WINBIS 2009), 27 feb-1st march 2009. [ES09] H. El Ghor, M. Chetto, R. Hage Chehade and G. Nachouki “ Towards Multiprocessor Scheduling in Distributed Rea

Chapters of book

Queudet and M. Chetto, Quality of Service Scheduling in the Firm Real-Time Systems, dans le livre "Real-Time Systems, Architecture, Scheduling, and Application", ISBN 978-953-51-0510-7, InTech, 20 pages, 4 avril 2012. * M. Chetto , L’ordonnancement dans les objets autonomes en énergie, Chapitre 10 du livre « Ordonnancement dans les systèmes te

Communications in international conferences (2010- )

[CKC20] K. Chaaban, F. Khenfri and M. Chetto Automation of Runnable to task mapping configuration of an AUTOSAR-based software 2020 International Conference on Computer and Information Sciences (ICCIS) 7-9 avril 2020 [AAC19] M. Abdallah, N. Abdallah and M. Chetto . Ensuring the sustainability of real-time embedded system under both QoS and Energy C

Communication in French conferences

M. Chetto , C. Plot Vers l’autonomie énergétique des systèmes embarqués, Colloque CNR’IUT, Juin 2013. R. EL Osta, R. Hage Chehade, M. Chetto , H. El Ghor, Real-Time Scheduling with Renewable Energy in a Uniprocessor Platform , Secondes Journées Franco-Libanaises, Dunkerque, France, 22-25 octobre 2013. F. Khenfri , K. Chaaban and M. Chetto
Last pictures

Last pictures

Here below some pictures at ICFIT Conference, Paris, April 2018 as general chairman, keynote speaker and session chairman.