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Yan Kaufmann

Yan Kaufmann

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Bible traduction word by word

Bible traduction word by word

A try to use some ressources to write the bible in two or more languages with a translation word by word. If you are interested to participate, let me know
Yan Kaufmann Yan Kaufmann
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Depuis : 02/08/2016
Categorie : Religions & Croyances

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English Latin Genesis 1.1

in in principio the beginning creavit created Deus God caelum the heaven et and terram the earth

Latin English Genesis 1.4

et and vidit saw Deus God lucem the light quod that esset was bona good et and divisit divided lucem the light ac from tenebras the darkness

Latin English Genesis 1.5

appellavitque called lucem the light diem day et and tenebras the darkness noctem night factumque est and there was vespere evening et and mane morning dies day unus one/the first

Latin English Genesis 1.2

terra the earth autem moreover erat was inanis empty (1) et and vacua void et and tenebrae the darkness super upon faciem the face abyssi of the deep et and spiritus the spirit Dei of God ferebatur moved super over aquas the waters 1: in hebrew: formless and void: