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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd is located in Beijing city. The main products: high temperature resistant sleeves, fire sleeves, fire resistant casing, heat resistant sleeve, fireproof casing. Here, aviation, railway transportation is very convenient.
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Depuis : 04/07/2016
Categorie : Technologie & Science

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Beijing great pack grassland ocean qin heart tour in 2017

August 14, 2017, Beijing great pack company opened a four-day summer tour, the company every summer will organize all the tourism, good corporate culture, harmonious team atmosphere, professional sales team, dedicated Production team, is Beijing great pack company in China high temperature fire sleeve industry’s most prominent business card. Augu

Fire sleeve manufacturers

Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing high temperature fire casing manufacturers. Fire sleeve Manufacturer – Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd After 15 years of development, the scale is growing, with the domestic advanced level of fire casing production complete sets of equipment, as well as rich manufacturing an

High temperature resistant fire sleeve

High temperature resistant fire sleeve , the use of high purity non-alkali glass fiber into a tube, and then in the tube wall coated with organic silicone by curing treatment. It can be used for a long period of time in the -65 ° C to 560 ° C temperature range and maintains its soft elastic properties. Can withstand the melting iron splash, and n

Fire resistant fire sleeve

GWH Brand fire-resistant fire sleeve, has a good high temperature, fire, insulation, flame retardant and other characteristics, is a very good new environmental casing. Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd. as a professional production of refractory fire sleeve manufacturers, annual production of refractory casing, quality assurance, sold at home

Flame retardant fire sleeve

Beijing Great Pack Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of flame-retardant fire sleeve . Its flame-retardant fire sleeve is made of environmental protection, soft, flame retardant, fireproof, high temperature and insulation. It is widely used in metallurgy, casting and chemical , Aerospace and other fields.Flame-retardant fire sleeve with high flam

Insulation fire sleeve

Insulation fire sleeve is used to protect the cable, hydraulic pipe, tubing and other heat will not be lost, easy to personnel on-site operation. Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd. production of insulated casing not only has the role of heat insulation, as well as high fire retardant role, can be widely used in high-temperature smelting industr

Fire cloth

Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of fire cloth products. Our company engaged in insulation, insulation, fire industry over the years, mainly produces all kinds of fire insulation materials, insulation materials. Our fire cloth manufacturers of fire cloth with high temperature, good wear resistance and so on.

Research and Study In mid-June

In mid-June, Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd. senior leadership to carry business managers in the Northeast region to the major user units to conduct research and study. Fire retardant fire sleeve is the high-temperature smelting industry has to deal with the problem, our company specifically for the scene of the special production environmen

Fire retardant fire sleeve

Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in high temperature materials production and research and development, is the high temperature industry materials to solve the experts. Production of products are fire retardant properties, can effectively alleviate the high temperature area of the heat burns, strengthen the cable and tube life, im
Application in steel

Application in steel

The fire sleeve of Beijing Great Pack Materials Co., Ltd has good high temperature resistance. It can be used to protect the cables ,wires nearby the caster ladle and ladle cara. Avoid the damage caused by steel slag splashing in high temperature environment. To avoid accidents such as fire, to protect the safety of workers, the fire sleeve is esse