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WEB 1 English Lesson

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Professional profile : Elena Thieu

Hello, My name is Elena Thieu and I’m a first year student at ICAN school. I’m presently in a bachelor “web design and graphic communication”. Last year, I had my scientific baccalaureate and I wanted to work on the internet, that’s why I chose ICAN and web design. I’m having my first internship in web design, and my first experience in


I’m an 23 years old student men at ICAN. I study Digital arts and particularly Web-design and integration. I have an Internship into an Clothes reselling company named « wordans ». I do all banners and newsletters for them and now we’re re-designing all the website. This is my bachelor’s first year, and for our second trimester, our profess
Quentin The Genius "200 Q.I."

Quentin The Genius "200 Q.I."

My name is Quentin Chalopin and I'm studying Web and Graphic Creation. Big fan of manga, drawing, video games and design the field of web attracts me as it is possible to include all my passions by working on various topics. For our second project we are duo, my partner called Thomas Leveque, he prefers to code and it's perfect because I prefer the

Professional profile of Alicia Vacher

I'm Alicia Vacher, I'm 21 and I'm an apprentice designer. I am a student at ICAN (Institute of Design and Digital Animation) in the first year Bachelor of web design and graphic communication since October 2015. I also continue my apprenticeship since December 2015. I worked in the Réseau-GES (Grandes Ecoles Spécialisées) where I learn many of t

Guilbert Julien

Hello I'm Julien, I'm Web designer student at ICAN DESIGN. Before to go in Web Design, I was in Game Design but the future in video games are rude and I decide to go on similar training but with more future perspective. My knowledge own during this year on GD allowed me to grow skills on graphic stuff ( Illustrator/Photoshop/Indesign ), learn some

The great Cece

Let me introduce myself: my name is Cyrielle, I am a 21 year-old freshman in web design and graphic communication. I figured this field attracted me not even a year ago, as I was still studying International Trade in another school. I realised I was not happy with what I was doing at school, I had more of a creative personality. Within just a few m

The story of Louise

My name is Louise Hamon, I am 21 years old. After my business degree (DUT Techniques of Commercialization) in Rambouillet, I decided to orient myself again in a WebDesign school, hence my presence at ICAN. During my studies, I have had the chance to carry out several internships in companies which have enabled me to develop my sense of autonomy, ri
Yohann Touzery ICAN1 WEB

Yohann Touzery ICAN1 WEB

My name is Yohann Touzery, i'm 19 years old. I just left the highschool last year. I decided to go to the ICAN for become a Webdesigner. This year, i learn many skills like HTML, CSS, Jquery and i learn many softwares like Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign. And now i continue my way in the Design School. Now i will present a work. This work consists

Professional profile : Théodore BELKEBIR

I'm Theodore BELKEBIR, I'm a student at ICAN in the webdesign section and I work as an intern in a communication agency in St Cyr L'Ecole in the Yvlinens. but for the next year I want to change my intern-ship into something more in the web because at my actual agency I only work in print. It would be really awesome if I could work in the world of v

Valentin Leymonie

Hello, my name is Valentin Leymonie, i'm student in first year in web design at ICAN, in Paris. I want to become a User Experience Designer, for make not ordinary project in my career or also work for the cinema or videogames. At terms of my cursus, i want to go work in an other country for travel and discover world. For the last quarter, I make, w