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Jean Maxwell

Jean Maxwell

My name is Jean Maxwell and I am a French Canadian. I am a huge home security buff, it is something I take very seriously.

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Home Security Essentials

Home Security Essentials

This is the absolute best guide on keeping your home safe. Enjoy.
Jean Maxwell Jean Maxwell
Articles : 6
Depuis : 07/02/2016
Categorie : Technologie & Science

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About Myself, Jean

So, if you read my About Me blurb, then you already know a little bit about me. I grew up in Montreal, and I can say I had a very good childhood. I was born into a well of family. Always had a heated home to go to, food in the fridge and clean water pouring from the taps. It really couldn't get much better for me. Now I am 25 living in Powell River

Top 10 Security Companies

Here is a nice blog post from TheTopTens . A great guide on finding the best home security company in all of the United States. Although this blog is more for Canadians & Americans, you can definitely use this for more insight in Canada. Really good stuff, check it out.

Another Quick Security Tips Video

So I had a few people tell me that the last video was really good and they really enjoyed it. I expected that because it was such a different twist to protecting your home. Anyway, I had this video in my history and decided to share this one as well. It is a really good tips video. Although not as out there as the first video I posted. I'd recommen

Tips From Burglars On Protecting Your Home

Oh boy, this is an interesting one. After searching around for 20 - 30 minutes, I came up with this video on YouTube. A really interesting twist on how to keep your home safe. From none other, than the burglars themselves who used to break into people's homes. I had to watch and re-watch it about 3 times just to make sure that they weren't lying. A
Keep In Mind Burglars Don't Look Like This

Keep In Mind Burglars Don't Look Like This

The best way to identify a burglar is to not think about it. Burglars in reality are normal people just like the rest of us. They look like us, eat the same food as us, and are able to do the same terrible things just like the rest of us. With that being said, this is not what they look like.

Protecting Everything INSIDE Your Home

A lot of security websites will make these super long articles on how to keep people out of your home. While this will all most people ever need, what about the people who actually have a burglar break in? That's where things go from scary to really scary. So to help the people with crazy neighbors or ex-girlfriends, I have put together this blog h