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IT Help Number

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Depuis : 31/12/2015
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How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails until Restart?

Outlook is one of the oldest emails known until now. Earlier it worked under the name of Hotmail which was changed to this name. This email is run by Microsoft and is protected by a unique username and password that is meant for protecting the data. This email is the oldest also has gained and maintained the trust level among its users hence it has

How to fix the issue of TurboTax error 190?

TurboTax is the US software calculation software that is operation since 1993 and is used at an extensive scale to file their annual tax returns by ascertaining the exact value with TurboTax. This software sometimes produces error code 190 due to various problems but this can be solved by taking the help of TurboTax live person . How to resolve Tur

Hotmail account recovery through two-step verification

Hotmail was a webmail service provided by Microsoft. It was later renamed. To secure the account we create a password. Sometimes we can forget our account password. This can stop us from logging in and create problem. Therefore Hotmail provides ways to recover account. If you have enabled two-step verification in your account then you can easily re

Process to Talk with a Live Person at Hotmail

Hotmail service is one of the most technologically advanced systems present on Earth; this is an undeniable truth that no matter how much technicality it has but the intervention by the Human is always required. Mediums to contact the Hotmail customer support There are 3 medians to contact the customer support of Hotmail which are Live Chat, Email

How to Fix Computer Screen Blinking?

The computer screen is an integral part of the device which displays the command and other functions and applications. Everyone must have the encountered the most common issue of screen flickering. The most common issue has very simple reasons behind it. Read along to know more about the reasons and how to fix the issue. Reasons for computer screen

How to Fix Spectrum Cable Error Code ia01?

Being a Spectrum user, you can access plenty of streaming features and enjoy your favorite stuff without any interruption. But sometimes users confront plenty of technical issues when using their Spectrum TV and error iao1 is one among those. There could be many reasons behind this error and it is impossible to find the main reason. But this proble

Check out the simple procedure to reinstall Google Play Store

As you might be aware, Google Play Store is a very popular online distribution service of Google which serves as an official app store for Android users. Hence, you can say that Google Play Store is very essential service for Android operating systems. But, what if a users delete their Play Store app from their device? Is there any way to recover d

Go through following article if your requirement is to add Norton to another computer

Norton provides security to your desktop, laptop, Smartphone’s, tablets from viruses, Trojans, and malwares. Norton has launched multiple security software’s based upon the user requirement, so, a user can buy Norton security software according to one’s need. If you use Norton security software and have set it up on one computer but you are r

How do I recover my Google account with my phone number?

Google account has seen a considerable increase in the number of users connected to it across the world. Ever since Google has introduced its account with many features and also get connected with other products, it has become the favorite account to people and them like using it. With so many features provided by this account, people also made thi

Here’s How to Fix the Error Code 003 on Roku

Roku’s Error Code 003 usually persist when you try to update your software on your respective Roku device and this shouldn’t cause the ever 003, however. But if you are still seeing it then here’s what you can do to fix the Roku Error Code 003. Fixing the Error Code 003 on Roku Switch to the Ethernet Connection If you are unable to connect yo