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Sinorock is top soil nail supplier from China
sinorocksoilnailing sinorocksoilnailing
Articles : 12
Depuis : 28/10/2015
Categorie : Entreprenariat

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Installation of soil nail should be solid,reliable,full closeness with bearing plate

The installation of soil nail should be solid,reliable,full closeness with bearing plate,not easy to loose.The lock torque of the anchor bar is not less than 100N,m. Checking quantity:the quality of soil nail should be checked one by one and serious inspection is sure to be involved. Checking approach:the quality of anchor bar can be operated by pu

Superior capability and capacity allow Sinorock to be great soil nail supplier

More and more countries are investing in tunneling, infrastructure construction, hydroelectric projects, High-speed rail construction, etc.Of course,more and more soil nails are applied in the construction. As one of the soil nail suppliers , Sinorock is committed to deliver customers innovative solutions designed to improve safety,productivity and

Soil nails are connected to structural shotcrete

Soil nail systems stabilize a section or block of retained ground by installing closely spaced grouted steel rods into the exposed face as the excavation proceeds downwards. This approach provides a flexible, cost-effective and efficient earth retention solution. The rows of soil nails are connected to structural shotcrete at the exposed face of ex

The soil nails system of Sinorock could also be adopted for the excavation support

Soil Nail Excavation Support - Sinorock The construction of a 7 m deep basement car park in associated with the redevelopment of the site in King Street, Newtown posed significant difficulties because of the historic nature of an existing eight story brick building [Alpha House] existent on the property which was founded on high-level footings. The

The difference between Hollow Bar Soil Nails and Solid Bar Soil Nails

Hollow Bar Soil Nails (HBSNs) differ from Solid Bar Soil Nails (SBSNs) in that HBSNs are typically advanced through their full design length with a sacrificial bit using grout as the drilling fluid; thus drilling, grouting, and tendon installation are all accomplished as part of one single process. Conversely, depending on the soil conditions, SBSN

Soil nail has been widely used in foundation pit

Soil nail support is a kind of supporting technology in geotechnical engineering. It drills surrounding rocks with a certain distance, direction and depth, then it is put into the drill hole and at last, grouting and fixing are carried on. Soil nail has the effect of binding, combining and reinforcing surrounding rocks. It helps to improve rocks’

Soil Nail Excavation Support

Soil Nailing is a construction method used to maintain or enhance the stability of the soil or rock mass by installing reinforcing elements (nails) in accordance to the principles for the execution of the geotechnical works. Nailing (sometimes combined with other elements like shot create, drainage system, retaining walls, etc.) forms a retaining s

Soil nail application in different construction purposes

Soil nail application in different construction purposes In global construction, soil nails are widely used in construction sites as an anchor system. Not only are soil anchors used as a slope stability retaining structure, but alsofor other purposes as follows  Tie- back wall – In this case, the soil nails are used to provide a tension force

Enhance the stability of the soil or rock mass by installing soil nails of Sinorock

When people are in need of a more stable retaining wall, or they are completing a construction project that needs a temporary retaining wall, they often turn to soil nailing . Soil nailing has been used since the seventies for multiple different repairs and construction jobs. Soil nails, which can be a permanent solution or a short-term tool, are s