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Le blog de lixiang

Le blog de lixiang
lixiang lixiang
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In the game pay attention to things

FFXIV Gil in the game plays a very important position. I spent several hours into FFXIV pall up this game, and just began to feel the screen does not look good, but later found an attractive plot. Here I would like to share with friends the game experience. One, if you walk in the big map, did not encounter the enemy, it is a problem, and the amend

The Experience of Megaten

Buy Megaten Gold on website, which is a popular act. Your ship is the most important thing you have. It carries you and your goods across the seas into other realms and makes the game to what it is. So it is very important to know your ship and how to use it effectively. You just want a bigger ship. To load more cannons, to carry more goods or just

Tips of Level 30 to 50

Maple Story mesos has an irreplaceable position in the game. Level 30 to 35 After some time of training, you should have quite the amount of mesos. Get a lot of mana elixirs and white pots. Buy the knuckle vest set. Now that you probably know a lot about the stuff you need, get the stars you wish. Be sure to maintain the strength of the arrangement

Know the Features of the Different Characters

Atlantica online money plays different roles in the different characters. Archers is best at Mage Killing. They get Silence from the start, which later becomes line effect after Class Upgrade. Gunner is best at killing Fliers, and he does ranged damage over multiple enemies. Wild Shot they begin with and it is rather good on damage. Not to mention

The Experience of Ragnarok

buy ro zeny to upgrade easily and quickly. So zeny has the same important status as the skill. I have never seen an owning clown in a PVP. The combo skill they usually used in PVP is frost joke then arrow Vulcan with wind arrow. Sometimes it kills but most of the time, it does not. Another good skill to check in PVP is the Tarot Card of Fate. A car

Viking Stats and Vikings Summarized

cheap Atlantica online Gold is sold my website which is the best place. In fact, the Atlantica Viking has two particular weapons in his arsenal, which are worth tailoring your Viking stat training strategies to. Here you can get the cheapest Atlantica Gold. The first is his Frozen Axe spell, which really can be a tide turning ability when used corr

Three Basic Weapons

Grand Fantasia money is not only used to buy drug but also used to buy arms. Guns Guns are generally much more useful to Z than bows, adding chunks of damage or some other interesting effects. I have not gotten around to too many of them yet so expect this section to grow as I pick more of them up. Assassins Finger15 percents evade just for putting

Important of Captain

buy LOTRO Gold which is powerful. As a Man, the Captain will want the usual good racial traits: Return to B, Balance of Man, Man of the Fourth Age, and especially Strength of Morale, a huge heal with a one hour cool down. Class traits will generally come from the Hands of Healing or Lead the Charge line, with one exception: Defiance increases the d

Guide of Archer

iro zeny can help you become a powerful archer. Archer is the base class if you want to be a hunter, bard, dancer, clown or gypsy. Archers are not that difficult to level because it can kill within a range. Besides, archers together with acolytes flock in G Heim. You can even change into a second job in just a day or less especially when your serve

Hunter of LOTRO

LOTRO Gold is useful for Hunter who can use them earn more money particularly. Whether you like mixing it up on the front lines of the war against the Shadow, inspiring your comrades to greater deeds of valor, or fighting from the rear, raining death upon your foes, you will find a class to your liking in The Lord of the Rings Online. A Hunter can