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Reunion Man living in Korea

Reunion Man living in Korea

(A stranger abroad)
Charles Charles
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Depuis : 01/07/2005
Categorie : Mode, Art & Design

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I had surgery!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh

Hi dears: Well you realize that im not dead yet since im writing this article (thanks to twin comments i could kept alive!!). Yes i had surgery, but not because my health is in danger but a more aesthetic one~. I had a eye surgery called LASEK, which basically consist of applying a laser on the deep layers of the cornea to correct the eye shape and

The conference day 1~~

Alright: I had to keep in mind this morning that the conference was actually a cover story to get to my brother without paying the huge airfare and some of the hotel expenses~ Well, it appeals that the conference is indeed a cover story... let me explain well. See i didnt expect the conference to be very high level, even though the proceeding is pu

Quelques nouvelles du Charles

Hello a tous et encore un grand merci de suivre ce blog malgres mes... absences on va dire et pas toujours justifiees~ Alors voila les news du front franco-coreen: 1. suite a mon operation ben je vois presque parfaitement maintenant, et c'est formidable dans le sens ou c'et quelque chose que j'avais presque oublie: voir sur la totalite de mon champ
Forget the conf go back to tourism

Forget the conf go back to tourism

Hi dear: Yes you understood that the 2nd and 3rd day of conference were pretty... useless to me. I bothered to go to the 2nd day but to realize that the level was low (not in the research itself but in the presentations and significance). So i decided not to go to the 3rd day (which was today). Actually the fact that i paid 420 dollar (mylab infact

Other news

Hello: A post special twin! Merci pour le coup de gueule je suis completement d'accord hehehe pas assez de mouvement au niveau des commentaires (d'ailleurs j'ai jamais pu passe privilege a cause de ca ^^). Alors pour l'interview Bobby grovy (Maquille s'il vous plait): Pour la rtadu

Dear readers

Tres chers lecteurs (dear readers): J'espere que les anciens lecteurs de ce blog m'enverront des emails pour savoir ou se trouve le nouveau blog. En effet si vous n'etes pas encore au courant il y a unnouveau blog et seul les lecteurs actifs peuvent y acceder alors lancer vous!!! Charles Ask for the address of the new blog by email i will give it t

Alright: let's start a new chapter~

Hello dear: For those who wanted to follow my adventures all around korea and especially, i wanted to make sure that some people keep following this website: I have created a new blog about me and everything i do in relation with entertainment (of course i could say about other things too but that won't be the main subject). I will try to keep writ
I should be done in 1 year

I should be done in 1 year

Hi dears: I always kept in mind that according to the french standards a PhD should last only 3 years, well even in other countries student do think so before they have actually entered the vault~ After my Masters, i entered the PhD program smilling and confident. Two years have passed already and my smile is turning upside down, my confidence is m


Il n'est jamais trop tard pour repondre~ J'attends vraiment avec un patience de nouveaux lecteurs potentiels du nouveau blog. Il suffit de repondre ici, et je vous informerai.. Tschusssssssss
Deception au rendez-vous

Deception au rendez-vous

Hello a tous ( ou a moi tout seul): Oui des le titre on sentira tres bien le depitement et la non joie de vivre de ce cher blogueur (moi meme) qui tente en vain de receuillir des commentaires pour ses petits postes ... et rien. Voila, juste un coup de gueule a tous les lecteurs de ce blog qui va bientot ferme, c'est domage est decourageant pour moi