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Channel and messenger of the Source of All."It is my joy to witness the Divine guiding your being to health and happiness I provide personal and group healing session,Divine healing energy work -intuitive touch,reiki session and atunments,spiritual
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HEALING FROM THE SOURCE Energy Healing,Intuitive Touch Private Sessions & Group Healing, Spiritual Guidance,Remote Healing Home healing -energy clearing -energy balancing-intuitive decorative paiting-& Blessings
Minouche Minouche
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Depuis : 18/11/2007
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Dirict Divine intervention

Set upon a path of annointed healer Minouche has become an extraordinary clear and widely open channel for the Divine to heal,guide and support your spiritual growth".... I am grateful for each person and give thanks to the Divine for sending anyone who needs me as a connection for their own well-being and spiritual growth. LIGHT AWAKENING THE GOLD

37 years old with breast cancer

I was 37 years old when I was diagnosed with the breast cancer…without Minouche’s energy healing work, did not know how I would have made it through…When I was tired from all the drugs and chemotherapy, she would visit, the waves of nausea would be lifted and I would be re-energized to take care of my three young boys.” Liz Fuchs, Mill Vall

where not even needles can reach

Minouche is able to receive a divine flow of energy, and direct it to the precise points inside the body where blockage is held, where not even needles can reach. This opens the entire system to renewal and revitalization, nourishing the whole person from the inside out. She works with her hands, her heart and her faith, and her work is subtle, bea

I continue to receive energy and guidance

During my second healing session with Minouche I travelled through a beautiful, moving visualisation during which I was filled with energy. I was led by Minouches prompts to journey to Wyoming where I met a native American Indian, medicine man. While standing with him, beside a river I was filled with overwhelming 'love', a healing energy. It was s

Our son contracted E COLI....

“ Our son was seven years old when he was hospitalized with E-Coli 0157, the most dangerous form of E-Coli. His kidneys were failing… Minouche laid a hand on his kidneys while he laid in the hospital bed . His numbers began to turn around and we were able to avoid dialysis. Without the loving healing hand of Minouche, we do not think our son wo

Blessed by John of God

August 2007 Minouche stayed at the casa iN Brazil receiving psychic surgery and spiritual guidance " I will help you in your work " John of God

In one session...

IN ONE SESSION,MY SHOULDER THAT WAS INJURED 10 YEARS AGO HAD MORE EASE THAN IT HAS HAD IN 10 YEARS .NOT TO MENTION EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL RELEASES,BLISS AND SPIRITUAL REALIGMENT.... DR SUZANNE I. LERNER PHD Dr.Suzanne Lerner PHD, Fairfax, CA Hi Cathy, I wanted to write just a quick note, to let you know about a wonderful healer that I got to meet a


Minouche Touched by Spirit Minouche is a rare & gifted healer. It does not matter where you are in your healing process, Minouche will maximize your innate ability to heal. When you leave a healing with Minouche, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have been touched by Spirit. Minouche specializes in energetic clearing so the body can na

Embadded attitudes are forced to flee

My work with Minouche To begin with,a contact with a pure and beautiful energy The process of personal movement becomes exherlerating It takes me to a challenging treshold Embadded attitudes are forced to flee ! Every day I thank the Higher Power who brought you into my life Mattew Owens

subtle yet strong changes...

Minouche is a natural born healer who brings her full presence to her work. She has an amazing ability to feel through her hands intuit to her inner being, sensing just where and how to work with each individual. I emerged from each healing session deeply relaxed, having released body and emotional tensions and opened the mind and spirit. There is