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Guy Duke

Guy Duke

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Atomix sur nintendo ds

Atomix sur nintendo ds

Atomix jeu nintendo ds lite jeux nds homebrew Atomix game
Guy Duke Guy Duke
Articles : 5
Depuis : 20/01/2007
Categorie : Jeux & Jeux Vidéo

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version 1.01

I made a mistake in version 1.00 about the score. I fixed this problem. List of change: - fixed score bug - add display of the difficulty while gaming (no timer, easy, normal, hard) For Windows users: (~220Ko) to download this version click here ----> http://tinyurl.com/32kkrx/Atomix-ds-v1.01.7z For Mac users (or windows users who don't want to use

Version 0.99 is arrived !!!

Hi! I made a stable version of my game. I have to finish: - the menu asking the name of the player . - the green background. - the help screen. - and some few things thanks to your commentaries. List of changes by the last published version (0.95): - The Display of the screen "Quit&Save" by pressing "start" touch while gaming. - Adding save game in

Version 1.00 is here

Yes, I did it. (version 1.00) Version 1.00 doesn't mean the last one. But this version is fully playable and can give a lot of fun. List of changes: - Saved file are now DLDI compatible. (see http://chishm.drunkencoders.com/DLDI to patch it for your system) - Green Background is done - Help Screen by clicking on 'select' or the 'select' graphic. -