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Kathmandu Ballet School - Nepal

Kathmandu Ballet School - Nepal

French dance teacher, living in Nepal, founder of the Kathmandu Ballet School

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Dance in Nepal

The blog of Kathmandu Ballet School
Kathmandu Ballet School - Nepal Kathmandu Ballet School - Nepal
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Depuis : 02/12/2010
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If you need more information, feel free to contact me at the address .

What to wear for the lessons?

You can wear comfortable clothes, stretchable and as tight as possible, and socks. We do not have shops providing ballet clothes and shoes in Nepal so for the beginning it will be ok! Just feel good and comfortable to move your body!

Who can come to the lessons?

Everyone who is interested in learning ballet and modern-jazz dance. Check out the schedule for more information about the time of your class, depending on your age group (child, teenager or adult) and level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
Who is the teacher?

Who is the teacher?

My name is Marie, i had a professional training in ballet and modern-jazz dance in France. After finishing my dancing studies in Aix academy, i started a professional intensive daily training at the ESDC in Cannes (South of France). I have worked for some dancing troups and companies in ballet and modern-jazz dance and participated to many competit