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Curieuse, enthousiaste, intéressée par la spiritualité, les cultures, la vie, la façon dont on fonctionne, et comment se sentir de mieux en mieux. Oh, et l'écriture!
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Le blog de miss link

Le blog de miss link

Le blog bilingue d'une écrivaine en transition. The bilingual blog of a transitioning writer.
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Depuis : 03/08/2009

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Mark part 6 / Pierre 6ème partie

Mark part 6 Philip prepared the coffee, asked Mark if he took milk and sugar – one sugar no milk thank you – and prepared the cups while the coffee dripped into the pot. They sat down on his couch, and drank their coffee without talking much. Mark felt nervous and couldn't understand why. He thought about the couple he had sold the house to 8 y

Mark part 2 / Pierre 2ème partie

Mark part 2 Mark looked at his computer screen for a minute, wondering if he was very lucky, or very unlucky. The blue screen indicated that a fatal error had destroyed his hard disk. There was no way he could access anything in his computer that wouldn't even start correctly. He called Simon and explained the problem. There was only another two co

Rose part 6 / Gilles 6ème partie

Rose part 6 After he hung up, Rose stayed standing beside her bed, with the phone receiver at the ear, barely hearing the beep beep that had ended the conversation so abruptly. Her body was shaking. Her heart was clenching painfully. She put the phone down slowly. There was no way she was going to just lie down again and get back to sleep. She grab

Rose part 8 and end / Gilles 8ème partie et fin

Rose part 8 Philip arrived an hour later, and he wasn't alone. Only the person with him was a man. They got down from the man's car and laughed together. Rose felt a shiver shock her whole body. Could it be that her son was gay? Could it be that she hadn't seen or felt it before? At that point he saw her and stopped laughing abruptly. He didn't loo

Mark part 4 / Pierre 4ème partie

Mark part 4 At 11:30 Mark's phone rang. The sound invaded the whole closet, and it took him a few seconds before he found it in his back pocket. He saw that he had a few missed calls, and wondered how on earth he had been able to miss calls if the phone had been there all that time. He pushed the green button, and answered “Hullo?”, and then im

Mark part 5 / Pierre 5ème partie

Mark part 5 Mark ran the simulation as soon as the receptionist took her lunch break. He found out that Philip's house, with the additions and improvements he had made, was worth £180,000, which was £ 30,000 more than the price he had bought it for at the time. No doubt this was going to be good news for Philip. He called back straight away. Phil

Mark part 7 the end / Pierre 7ème partie la fin

Mark part 7 His car was dead. It would take some money to repair it. Quite a lot of money in fact. Mark wasn't sure his car was worth repairing at this stage. The red Subaru driver was a gorgeous woman who didn't even seem that mad that he had cut her off and half destroyed both cars. In fact she was even flirting with him. Yet that left him strang

Mark part 3 / Pierre 3ème partie

Mark part 3 Mark wandered aimlessly in the streets, looking often at his watch to be sure not to miss the 10am meeting. He passed the bakery and the cafe, not feeling hungry or thirsty yet. He would have liked to stop and sit down somewhere, but wasn't sure where to do that without having to order something. He decided to stop at the library. It wa

Mark part 1 / Pierre 1ère partie

Mark part 1 7:00. BBC Radio 2 came on, rocking Mark slowly out of sleep. It took him some time to emerge fully from the dreamy slumber he was in, and realize his head was too painful to allow him to get up. He remembered at once the night before, the pub, the aftershock, the pints and then the whiskey, the friends laughing and how he stumbled back

Rose part 7 / Gilles 7ème partie

Rose part 7 Rose was feeling better since she had made the decision of going to her son's. All of a sudden, there was no rush anymore. Her son's place, and Philip with it, was not going to disappear within half an hour, after all, she joked inwardly. So she got dressed leisurely, had some breakfast – she didn't want to run the risk of fainting in