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The Modern Fashion Cool Light and Lamps

The Modern Fashion Cool Light and Lamps

You can find out the unique fashion coolest lights and lamps for your decorative house.
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Depuis : 01/09/2011

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Chinese stone carving headstone

There are many styles of jiahengstone tombstones, divided into Chinese tombstones, European tombstones, and Japanese tombstones. Chinese tombstones have rich and varied carving subjects, and all kinds of flower worms and birds and animals are elements of their carving. The main use of relief and line carving two carving techniques, but also the two

Tombstone feng shui which taboos

In daily life, most of the design headstone we see are rectangles. This is also a fixed trend, and it is also feng shui. Rectangular tombstones represent a well-defined life. Therefore, the tombstone's trimming is very important. The smoother the surface, the better. It highlights the life of the tomb owner. The most important thing is that the mai

Bai Sanskrit Cremation Tombstone

The range of distribution of Sanskrit cremation monument design and buildings is the extent of the distribution of ancient Bai Cremation tombs. Its distribution is very wide, and the Bai people living in the Bohai area is the most common, and mainly concentrated in Dali, Wuyuan, Jianchuan, Heqing, Binchuan, Xiangyun, Laoshan, Yongping, Yunlong and
Bearing parts

Bearing parts

The bearing housing part forms one of the parts of the rolling bearing, but does not include all the accessories.Bearing ring A ring-shaped part of a rolling bearing with one or more raceways.Bearing washer The annular part of a thrust bearing with one or several raceways.Flat ring A separable substantially flat gasket with its inner or outer part

Cemetery dedicated stone carving tombstone

From ancient times to the present,jiahengstone people always like to describe good things as the help of their deceased relatives. For example, if you are in high school and you are an official, people will say that the feng shui of your family’s graves is good, and the ancestral graves are well built. On the other hand, if the person's fortune i
Fix Fan Blades That Won't Turn

Fix Fan Blades That Won't Turn

Open your fan, listen to the engine of the fan. If you can't hear it, the engine is worn out and you need to replace the fan. If you can hear it, turn off the fan and then move on to the next step. Fan out. Remove the front sheet of the fan cage. At least 3 clips connect the front part of the fan to the back. Put these on your nails or screwdriver