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DESERTEC : Focus on Morroco

In May 2011, "Desertec Industrial Initiative" and MASEN, the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of a large solar project in Morocco. The specificity of this first Dii Reference Project is to demonstrate the export feasibility of solar generated electricity in the deserts to Europe, using exist

DESERTEC : focus on Tunisia

In April 2011, Dii opened an office in Tunis in order to be in the position to efficiently co-ordinate its activities in North Africa. René Buchler, former industry manager who worked notably as head of Siemens Tunisia, was appointed as North Africa Co-ordinator and head of Dii’s office in Tunis. Having lived and worked in this region for many y

DESERTEC foundation is leaving the industrial consortium Dii

The 1st July 2013, DESERTEC Foundation announced the termination of its membership with Dii GmbH. This action has been agreed upon by all members of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors at an extraordinary board meeting which took place on 27th June 2013. In 2009, Dii GmbH had been founded as a cooperation between many renowned firms an

EUMENA 2050 – Powered by renewable energy

The brochure “EUMENA 2050 – Powered by renewable energy” illustrates the main contents of the study Desert Power 2050 in a visual and concise manner. Download the brochure here => link

Algeria: making slow but steady progress is CSP growth

Algeria, which is building the first solar tower plant in North Africa, is intent on a gradual development of the technology that utilises the very high solar potential of the Sahara desert. The country’s debut on the CSP scene came last May, when the Hassi R’Mel solar-combined cycle hybrid power plant started operation. It generates electricit

PV guide to the MENA region

CSP Today and PV Insider conducted an industry survey in November/December 2012 to assess the current status and priorities of international and local solar companies. Table of contents 1. MENA industry survey 2. Notable MENA markets a. Saudi Arabia b. United Arab Emirates c. Qatar d. Oman Here is a select summary of the survey results: link

Desert Power : 2050

Desert Power : 2050 The Executive Summary “The case for Desert Power” summarizes the main results of Dii’s strategic framework „Desert Power 2050: Perspectives on a Sustainable Power System for EUMENA” Download the Executive Summary Here => link

DESERTEC : Focus on Algeria

In December 2011, "Desertec Industrial Initiative" signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the state-owned Algerian energy supply company, Sonelgaz. The aim of this cooperation is to drive forward possibilities for developing renewable energies, to support Algeria’s renewable energy strategy and enable cooperation with Europe in reference proje