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Articles : 86
Depuis : 23/06/2015
Categorie : Entreprises & Marques

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Tiny pitch LED show LED technologies has become the new hot spot

Compared with all the standard LED display, the little distance involving the LED into the interior face more barriers, but suppliers continue to break the parties technologies for smaller pitch LED to supply robust support within the indoor meeting rooms, handle rooms and other places of application. At the moment, little indoor LED pitch spacing

Little pitch LED display has the strength to dominate the future or security industry

Security monitoring market place is often said that's open and is somewhat closed, Why? Due to the fact the safety monitoring program involves a front finish involved, transmission, storage, show terminals important subsystems, each have their protocol regular, classic gear vendors can set up loads of barriers, resulting in insufficient competitors

LED screens replace traditional outside advertising industry competitors

Thanks to the rise of a smaller pitch LED display, LED display starting with "inside and outside" expand two-way applications continue to broaden the range of applications, a variety of fields. So certain to the industry in 2015, which is one of the most well-known field? Undertaking my outdoor marketing media applications. Speaking of hot marketpl

LED display to cross-border projects "divide separatism" inevitable

At the moment LED show business is just not so below peaceful circumstances, LED display listed providers also performed not so, "law-abiding", they may be keen to create new markets. This phenomenon is really a listed corporation within the LED show was particularly prominent, and this trend is progressively clear, seems to possess turn into a tre

LED road targeted traffic guidance screen transmitting valuable information and facts

"Urbanization" promote the rapid improvement of road building, also contributed to the follow-up of other associated industries, such as road building facts. Within the course from the road, on the way we had been in a position to capture a number of data, and by way of LED display, useful details is usually transmitted in true time to the driver a

Links and lost: LED show enterprises Breakthrough Way

China LED display( agape technology ) business where the way forward? A lot of LED screen makers, it appears caught within a vicious circle hard to clarify. "World market" embarrassment Due to the fact Shenzhen China LED display enterprises headed by springing emerged, the entire market in full swing, irrespective of yield, price tag, technologies

LED display applications industry to market outside media explosion point

Because of the rise of a tiny pitch LED display( variable message signs ), LED show starting with "inside and outside" expand two-way applications continue to broaden the array of applications, several different fields. So certain towards the market place in 2015, which can be by far the most common field? Undertaking my outdoor advertising media a

Compact posture Small World LED display industry is not only a compact spacing era

As we all know, in recent years, the limitations of large-screen media marketplace development steadily seem, as a way to break this impasse, far more LED display suppliers started to focus on a smaller location of ??the show production, tiny screen wants a breakthrough. Due itself includes a smaller location benefit, not just like the massive scre

[Inventory] LED kingdom of "the world"

Lately, Asia's biggest LED screen in Chongqing guanyinqiao district settled and lately running lights, it was introduced, this LED screen a total location of ??about 3363 square meters, with reference for the LED screen design and style in New York's Times Square, Asia biggest LED show, the total investment reached 40 million yuan. To be able to ef