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Le blog de NDM

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Depuis : 09/07/2009

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Fail in all - The Tracks

I wanted to be. I wanted to become. I wish to be more. I wanted succeed.I wanted, and I wanted, and I wanted, but I didn’t got anythingI fail in all that I loveI gave all I had, and got nothing in return. I wasted my time. and lost my time.My predictions never came true and I'm always wrong.

Andy Sad - The Tracks

expressionless facewas born in neverlandin the dead hand of cynical faith he's just a written puppetsurrounded by troublesand he doesn't know how it will end he lives all the livesand each time he suffer even morecaught in a hive of miniature wars the page livened up by linesandy sad takes place in this waythrough the looking-glass, trough the othe

Doesn't matter - The Tracks

I just came to see you, my platonic lovebut when you say "i'm dating", I put on my hate's glove I was in blur all hell broke loose suddenly it happenedmaybe you don't deserve it and i'm saddened was in deep water, but it doesn't matter I just came to see you, expected nothing from you I had underestimated the jealousy's virtue I don't understand, I

Years go bye - The Tracks

Years go by, no time anymoreI look back and see my mistakesWhat did I do? 'til now I don't knowI 'll understand what I had when i lose everything Everything one day have to decayMerciless life, time is running Merciless time, Everything will rotas you thinking and it's already tomorrow Years go bye I feel remorse, more than regretsAnd I don't think

Waited for you - Thes Tracks

You made me crazy, I followed your freenzies, but you always rejected mewe were young and dumb, you were lazy dumb, but you didn't succumb waited for you all my life I tried to find you, wherever you went, I wanted break on throughI was obsessed, i was possessed, but in fact infected waited for you all my life i waited for you but now it's over fin

Bye Bye, all fucked up

I was drawn into the past so no remorse I did itnot too much, i just made up for lost time without tears you're my doubt, you're my dual, as all of this was primordial She was not here when you were there, but you were here when she was there,She ducked out in fact you know, so no regrets ? I’m in love ? you're my doubt, you're my dual, as all of

Put down your gun - The Tracks

You cry on your fate You say all is over It is only a bad path You can overcome that You're broken Put down your gun There're people who keep up though in worse case Death requires courage and flee life is cowardice You're broken Put down your gun Have the balls to suffer It's to easy to quit Many others remained You can overcome that You're broken

Make you hurt - The Tracks

Come in the dome of pleasure and pain Join your master and obey Come on my twisted play and I will make you… Hurt, I will make you hurt Hurt, hurt you Come on and drop the morality I'll offer you a sweet agony Reveal your inner beast now It's a strange game you know Love and wounds are raw and I'll make you… Hurt, I will make you hurt Hurt, hur

Evil is inside - The Tracks

You kiss the devil mark's, I know who you areyou are my own nightmare, always waiting somewhereI know, evil is inside And I crie You could be anywhere, never less you are everywherejust as a melancholy which would be engraved in meI know, evil is inside And I crie Is the devil's shadow hidding the good one ? like a whorelike a truth too hard to hid

To all my dead - The Tracks

You were, you were but now it's over,I know, I know you rest in peace,I still had many things left to say to you,but the reaper came for you To all my dead, rest in peace and all this stuffs you were, you were so many suddenly that i didn't have tears enough for all of you.Suddenly, you've been so many that I didn't have tears enough for you all. y