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je m'appelle Nasri El Hassane. Je suis professeur d'anglais au lycée Moussa Ibn Noussair, Khemisset

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C'est un blog qui sera mis à la disposition de mes élèves dans lequel ils trouveront tout ce qui est nécessaire pour leur réussite.
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UNIT 1. Part2

I) Reading...: Introducing SQRRR. SS apply this technique while reading the text on page15. (much time has been devoted to this work) II) Grammar: Infinitive, gerund or both? Through a clear context, the teacher tries to elicit the effect of some verbs, expressions and particles on the active verbs. (...stop eating.., and ...stop to eat..) . a) ver

UNIT 1. Part3

Focus on writing. Linking words.(review and extend) I) SS, in groups try to state the differnece between a simple sentence and a complex one. (simple sentence is made up of a subject, a verb and sometimes an object. Complex one is made up of many parts joined with a linking word.) Examples: 1) Anass learns music subject verb object 2) He didn't go

Hi everyone

Firstly I would like to inform my dearest readers (students) that this blog has been created for you inwhich you will find not only the courses you do in the classroom, but also some helpful materials which may consolidate them. The tests and the quizzez you take at school are also included in this blog as soon as they are corrected. I really hope
Lesson plan: Unit1

Lesson plan: Unit1

Class coverage: 2Bac LM Aim: At the end of the lesson the students will be able to: 1) make and respond to requests 2) talk about the three types of education 3) use collocations correctly 4) to read adequately (applying SQRRR) 5) write using cohesive devices (linking words) Procedure: I) SS, in groups, try to talk about the main sources of learnin

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