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Blog on being a disabled person, different cultures, diversity, equality, disability, travel, being diaspora Chinese and disabled travel.
eleanor eleanor
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Depuis : 02/11/2004
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Settling down in Coventry

i've been neglecting this blog because I have so many others to write and administer - I am beginning to feel I haven't got a life! But I think this blog is reserved from the other part of my working life - this is where I meander and just write about whatever I feel like. I am a bit perturbed by the fact that over bolog now displays advertisements

disability art - to be or not to be?

I ve been having quite a few conversations about disability art - what constitutes disability art? do we label certain art disability it art fuelled/inspired by our being disabled. At what level is art to be labeled as such? Would I want to be labeled as a practitioner of disability art? is art an aspiration? However, this is so premature.
its been a long time!

its been a long time!

I had forgotten the password to this blog. I think I should archive this but I still like the old fashioned look. Here's a recent photo! at Disabled Voters Operation at the HoC
snow in Coventry, Lily Allen vs Leonard Cohen

snow in Coventry, Lily Allen vs Leonard Cohen

It wasn't as copious as what they had in the rest of the country - certainly not as dramatic as scenes featured on the BBC - with the snowmen etc. or the skis. It wasn't more than a sprinkling which became bits of ice. Today I did go out to the railway station to meet a freind but true most of the time I stayed indoors and chatted online. I was sen

Rest in peace, Sam and his parents

I've been following Sam's progress for a long time - well, since 2005 when there started a website to fundraise for equipment for him and had a link to this site since then. It is so sad to learn about his death - and that of his parents Neil and Kazumi - May you
Review: Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa Mid Wheel Drive powerchair

Review: Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa Mid Wheel Drive powerchair

I have not used this blog so long I had to come back and familiarise myself with it again. And using this blog because a wheelchair review would not fit the remit of any of the other blogs that I do - this is my personal blog, I ve had this for more than 6 years. I think with social media - I ve slipped into the habit of leaving little messages whe

it has been 25 is a day to catch up with old friends

Tonight I spoke to an old classmate to whom I have not seen for over 25 years and we arranged to meet in December. I felt the years have not changed our relationship - she's still as efficient as ever, she told me what she was doing, what she's spending her time on and how she has no time till December. She did not ask me once what I was doing exce
Divali and schooldays remembered

Divali and schooldays remembered

Today is Divali/deepavali and brings me back to the days when we celebrated it in Malaysia - where we took advantage of the open houses of our Hindu friends and visit each and everyone in their turn while stuffing ourselves with festive food.. There has been a spate of e-mails spanning Malaysia, UK and Australia where the classmates of class 76 hav
disability portrayal in Asian soaps and films

disability portrayal in Asian soaps and films

Christmas has come and gone - the days fly by and new year resolutions come and go - with many hours frittered away. One of the luxuries that I did fritter my time on is catching up on films and soaps on the internet. It was not intentional but I soon notice that some of them had disabled characters portrayal in them. And strangely enough, they wer

Another year another age

I ve been that busy that I feel like I ve been chasing my own tail. Its now Dec 2010 - I am meant to be in Strasbourg but the bad weather - worst since records began - means that I am on my own in Coventry. Being hermit like not even venturing out for the sales. John, my son, is there because he had the ticket and so hes on his own there but seeing