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Stella Li

Stella Li

Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. is a refractory supplier from China.

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Refractory Materials in Glass Industry

Refractory Materials in Glass Industry

Refractory Materials in Glass Industry
Stella Li Stella Li
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Depuis : 10/04/2015
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The Main Composition of Synthetic Magnesia Olivine Brick

Synthetic magnesia olivine brick is a type of refractory material with magnesia olivine as the main crystal phase. The chemical composition of the synthetic magnesia olivine brick includes: MgO 37%-62%, m (MgO)/m (SiO2) 0.95-2.00, magnesia olivine 65-75%, MF and other minerals. If m (MgO)/m (SiO2)>1.33, there may be a small amount of periclase. Oli

The Development of Fused Cast refractories

In 1927, Corhart was founded. It is a refractory company producing fused cast refractories. Raw materials are melted in an electric arc furnace and then casted in a mold, just like metal casting. The lining of the electric arc furnace is made of the same materials. The temperature is up to the requirements of refractory products, generally 1800-250

Refractory Materials Used In Ferronickel Smelting Furnaces

Ferronickel smelting furnaces are similar to steel smelting EAF furnaces. The bottom and walls are built with dense magnesia refractory materials; the upper part of the bottom is a pot-shaped overall layer built with magnesia or dolomite ramming mass; the cover is built with high alumina refractory, alumina magnesia refractory or magnesia chrome re

The Classification of Insulation Materials

Since insulation materials are lighter than other refractory materials, they are also called lightweight refractory materials. Research shows that, furnaces built with insulation materials can consume 40-60% energy than those built with common refractory materials. Besides, the furnaces become lighter and thinner. With the development of science an

Applications and Working Temperature of Different Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks, also called shaped refractory materials, have high strength and wide applications and are easy to construct. They have been widely used in a variety of industrial furnaces. (1) Common fire clay bricks are generally used in the refractory masonry of furnaces and kilns. in the linings, walls, bottoms and flues, they are used below

How to ensure the long-term effective tightness of ceramic fiber paper pads

To ensure the long-term effective tightness of ceramic fiber paper pads in harsh environments, the pads should have the following features: (1) Air tightness When used in sealing systems, pads should maintain good air tightness for a certain time at the recommended temperature and under the recommended pressure. (2) Compressibility The contact surf

Advantages of Ceramic fiber ceiling in tunnel kilns

Ceramic fiber ceiling module is a type of lightweight, long life and efficient insulation material. Compared to traditional insulation materials, it has the following advantages: (1) Cost-effective, lower construction cost, time and period than refractory brick structure. (2) Long service life and stable composition. It can be used for 5-10 years a

The Formation Of Pores And Voids In Fused Cast AZS Bricks

The melt of fused cast AZS bricks is cast into a mold. The crystallization of the melt begins from the wall of the mold and then a skin forms. The internal of fused cast AZS bricks is still liquid. it is preferably confined in a sealed container for hardening. Prior to the formation of skin, under atmospheric pressure, the liquid is solidified into

Applications of Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic fiber is a type of new lightweight refractory material developed in 1960s. According to the shape and structure, it belongs to amorphous (glassy) fiber. It is made of hard clay clinker or industrial alumina powder and silica stone synthetic materials as the raw materials by melting in an electric arc furnace or resistance furnace and blowin

Prolong the Service Life of Ladle with Refractory Coating

Ladle is an important container in the metallurgical industry. It plays a role in the storage and transport of molten steel and external refining. With the development of steelmaking technology, ladle refractories have also had a very good development. The service life of ladle is not only related to the consumption of refractories, but also the no