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I am caren Lee. I am doing research work on health related topics and cancer awareness.
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Types of Cancer

Cancer term used for disease in which cancerous cell has uncontrolled growth. This is common to all 200 type of cancer hence cancer awareness is important to prevent it.
Caren Caren
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Depuis : 27/02/2012
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Care for Gastric Cancer

Gastric cancer care helps in tackling the disease better and minimizes risk of fatalities. Care for gastric cancer is also vital to keep a check on intensity of tumors or chances of gastric cancer recurrence. Care pattern is usually advised by physicians but some techniques can be practiced by the victims themselves without any special medical advi

Lymphoma Cancer Survival rate and Life Expectancy

Understanding lymphoma cancer survival rate is very important as it assists in knowing overall chances of a victim to survive in a particular lymphoma cancer stage. Lymphoma cancer life expectancy is generally calculated from the time of diagnosis and is useful in deciding on most suitable treatment pattern to control abnormal growth effectively. T

Prevention of Multiple Myeloma Cancer

Multiple myeloma cancer prevention is the best and safest option to keep away from malfunctioning of plasma cells. Prevention of multiple myeloma cancer also helps to avoid different health complications that may arise due to generation of abnormal cells. Treatments that are generally executed for curing the disorder are harsh and require long time

Gallbladder Cancer Early Signs and Symptoms

Gallbladder cancer symptoms are the most basic indicators of cell abnormality in gallbladder areas and help to confirm pattern and intensity of cancerous growth in the region. Gallbladder cancer early signs also help in undergoing right kind of diagnosis followed by most feasible treatment for the disorder. Pattern or order of display of early sign
Startling Facts About Vaginal Cancer

Startling Facts About Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal Cancer Vaginal cancer is an extremely rare cancer and its exact causes are still not known. The genetic mutation of the healthy cells causes the normal cells to grow abnormally. They start multiplying uncontrollably. These cells do not die and start accumulating to form a tumor and may metastasize. If this cancer occurs because the endometr

Liver Cancer Awareness

Liver cancer awareness is important to know severity of the disease and the damage it may cause to victim in long-term. It also gives information on other aspects like liver cancer causes and symptoms. One can also become aware of various forms of liver cancer diagnosis patterns and liver cancer therapies if proper and sufficient awareness is under

Care for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer care is a technique used by both victims as well as physicians to keep cancerous infection under control and avoid severe side-effects that may be caused due to lung cancer treatment. Proper care for lung cancer can assist a victim to undergo medical and non-medical cures for the disorder in most feasible manner and decrease time requir