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Parenting Nation India

Parenting Nation India

Indian Baby Names, Popular Indian Baby Names, Top Indian Baby Names, Indian Boy Names, Indian Girl Names - Parenting Nation India
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Biggest resource for names : Indian Baby Names, Hindu Baby Names, Popular Indian Names, Indian Boy Names, Indian Girl Names, Indian Names by Rashi.
Parenting Nation India Parenting Nation India
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Depuis : 21/03/2012
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Auspicious days for Mundan ceremony

Many people are perplexed that when they can remove baby’s hair first time, as deciding the time for Mundan is very important. People ask questions regarding which date is good for baby first head hair removal to their family pundit. As per Hindu scriptures, the date for Mundan ceremony has to be during an odd year and odd month of baby’s life.
Working Women a boon or a curse?

Working Women a boon or a curse?

Today the world is very different than the one which is known to our ancestors. There was time when men work and women look into the household jobs. But today as the market and industrial sector are growing, on the same pace its side effects, inflation and rising prices, are also growing. So to sustain the living one should be not just earning but

Baby Development - 39th Weeks of Pregnancy

At this stage the baby is completely developed in mother womb, with lungs gaining volume and becoming strong enough to survive outside the womb. Also heart and brain are completely developed with heart beats with normal rate. Normal baby weighs 7 to 8 pounds and around 20 inches in length. Baby starts shedding old skin tissues and starts developing

Tips from 34th week pregnancy

Body parts like the hands, face parts, legs, sides of the wists and feet bottom will start swelling. It is mandatory to contact the health advisory if the swelling is severe and if it is leading to dizziness, fainting and headache. Don’t worry and be patient as this phenomenon can be a reason of preeclampsia. Because of retention of water swellin
What is a Mundan ceremony?

What is a Mundan ceremony?

What is mundan? Mundan or hair removal ceremony-India is a religious practice performed in all Hindu households wherein the child gets his/her first haircut. It is believed that the hair that the baby is born with carry traits from previous lives which have to be removed by shaving off the hair. Baby mundan is performed by almost all Hindu families

34th week of pregnancy

Thirty fourth week of pregnancy is one of the most precarious stages during the period the infant is in the mother’s womb. It is the stage in which major organs of baby are at development stage. At this stage mother should be very careful because this is the week in which the baby positions itself in her womb and survival chances increases when b

What is the right age to start play school?

It seems that your little bundle of joy that slept in your arms the other day has grown so fast, that it is time to start looking for a preschool. Parents have several apprehensions regarding the right age for play school and the preschool that they should opt for. Though play schools start accepting children at a very tender age, it is entirely up

39th Weeks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is giving a life, every woman dreams about. It is almost important to take proper care of health during this period of one’s life. A healthy woman gives birth to a happy child. During pregnancy, it is very much important to maintain a record of week by week changes being occurred inside the body of the mother as well as in the baby. Tho

Finding the Right Names for Your Baby

When a mother gives birth to her baby her life transforms into one sublimely beautiful experience for both herself and her spouse! Giving birth to a little one is one of life’s most uplifting moments; the next step of the journey begins when both the excited parents have to choose a name for their baby! This is indeed the first stage of the whole

Indian Baby Names : Finding Just the Right one for Your Baby!

Finding the correct name for your baby can prove to be quite a tricky proposition indeed! In India people wait for the baby to be born, and then scramble to search for a name for their child! This is unlike western countries, where parents do some planning and spend some quality time zeroing in on the right name months before their baby is born! An