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all about database architecture and how to handle large volume sets
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Depuis : 05/04/2010
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Data partitioning on Sql Server Express, Standard and Enterprise edition - Part 2

On Sql Server Standard On Sql server Standard edition, this is actually easier in a way. You do not manage partition scheme or function or at least not in the way the enterprise version does. You actually set up tables to be your partitions. If you want to access several storage units, you can then affect different filegroup to the different tables

SQL server tuning: DML for multiple rows in one shot

hello guys, Today's topic relate to a series of trainings I spent doing at one of the top 10 ECommerce in Europe as a database/etl architect for 2 years time. The idea of those series were to train junior to senior level developpers on how to optimize their applicative code with database-related operations. One of the series that I like particularl

Musings on optimizing your OLAP processing in SSAS: measures and partitions

There are many ways to set up your cube but there are definite best practices to implement if you want to scale your cube. The first point will just remind us that a cube is an analytical tool and should not be used as a source of detailed report. Drillthrough utilization is according to me to avoid as this mislead the users to the purpose of a cub

Data density: method of scoring your database

Data density: method of scoring your database A database is a container for data. The aim for a database is mainly storing in a way that we can read and write data in an efficient way. An efficient way in terms of securing your data, read your data in the most up-to-date state, write your data in the best organizational way, etc… Back in the days

Data partitioning on Sql Server Express, Standard and Enterprise edition - Part 1

Before going into details in how to setup data partitioning on SQL server, it is important to understand data partitioning concept. So first, I will give a simple definition of what it is. Understanding the concept Data partitioning is a way to spread data on the same logical structure into different physical storage with a specific organization. T

Telecommuting! the key for social progress!

Hello Guys again, Although my blog main concern is about SQL server, I like to share my experience in the telecommuting field, misconceptions and reality. 1. Telecommuters works more efficiently than Onsite people: TRUE I believe hiring telecommuters is eventually more efficient than OnSite people. A telecommuter would come periodically for meeting

What HA strategy for your SQL server?

Hello guys, Today we will discuss the different high availability (HA) strategy you have on SQL server. Basically, it all depends on your needs, your SLA towards your clients and the level of satisfactory you would like to have to your client. Also, it depends on your wallet. Some HA strategies are very expensive, some are very cheap. I am going to
The dynamic filtered indexes

The dynamic filtered indexes

I have struggled with one client on queries that were dealing with date ranges or type ranges or many filters, on very large tables with low density in many cases, and you knew one index would really improves it but it was based on some filter that was undeterministic. Let's take a classic example, you have a website / an api that queries the order