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The Clan of Tendai Shu

Blog du clan Tendai-Shu sur Second life
kriss kriss
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Depuis : 28/09/2009
Categorie : Mode, Art & Design

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News Place

News Place

Hello everyone, Tendai moved again, our land is now on Penghu. This is a new start for all of us. Long live Tendai !! Enjoy !! CLICK

Starting Spots for 12 Clan Tournament picked

Yesterday the starting Spots for Tournament been shuffled, honorable Representatives from all involved Clans been at Omi and joined lotteries. Spots have been picked as following: GROUP 1 1: A -Kanzeon B -Ishida 2: Uesugi 3: Sanada 4: Dragon Claw GROUP 2 5: Yakuza 6: Miburo 7: Shadow 8: Tendai GROUP 3 9: Emei 10: Ashikaga 11: Bamboo 12: A -Tora B -