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Depuis : 24/07/2009
Categorie : Musique & Divertissements

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Serve Your Soul

Battles over which direction to kneel people reaching out to touch but forgetting to feel daily breath shouldn't be a daily penance is that what you believe or just a life sentence i look into the mirror and i see someone there i used to know they all want you to serve them but the only one you got to serve is your soul so much time and at such a c

Get it like you like it

throw your hands up to the sky and scream out loud i'm free 'cause wrong is the new right so we can cut loose tonight it costs a lot to look this cheap fire makes it burn and water makes it turn we must still be here living on earth they keep telling me jesus walked on water he shoulda surfed in 1918 the great bambino kicked a piano into willis pon

Better Way

I'm a living sunset Lightning in my bones Push me to the edge But my will is stone Fools will be fools And wise will be wise But i will look this world Straight in the eyes What good is a man Who won't take a stand What good is a cynic With no better plan Reality is sharp It cuts at me like a knife Everyone i know Is in the fight of their life Take

Black Rain

You left them swimming for their lives Down in new orleans Can't afford a gallon of gasoline With your useless degrees and contrary statistics This government business is straight up sadistic Now you don't fight for us But expect us to die for you You have no sympathy for us But still i cry for you Now you may kill the revolutionary But the revolut

Ben Harper invité sur l'album de Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr, qu'on ne présente plus, a invité une flopée d'artistes pour son nouvel album, prévu pour le 12 janvier 2010. Intitulé Y Not, on y retrouvera l'autre Beatles McCartney, qui chante sur Walk With You et joue de la basse sur Peace Dream. On entendra également Joss Stone. Ben Harper quant à lui fera aussi un duo. Après avoir fait un

JP Plunier

JP Plunier à un rôle très important dans le succès de Ben Harper. Principalement producteur (et beaucoup plus comme l'explique Ben), il a permit de faire connaître Ben au grand public, grace à un lien fort avec le chanteur. Ben Harper et JP PLunier racontent. Ben Harper : "Si un français nommé JP Plunier ne m'avait pas découvert, je serais

Gather Round The Stone

you're too young to know that you're too young to go there's no freedom to be found lying face up in the ground ashes from an unfinished life are all that's left in a tear-drop-shaped locket hanging from his mother's chest you whip the back of freedom ‘till it bleeds an oil stream then you sail down upon it in your killing machine old men who sen

Engraved Invitation

I wish i was a thought i'd run all through your mind and come out being everything you ever tried to find life's the longest picture you're ever gonna take love's the longest promise that you're ever gonna break i wish i could yell sorry louder than i screamed all of those other things i said but didn't mean some days i'm the lord's servant some da

Please don't talk about murder while i'm eating

you're the first one to get there and always the last one to leave you're the first one to chuckle but the last one to grieve i know all too well the world takes a daily beating please don't talk about murder while i'm eating you walk into the temple and call it a church i try to keep things simple but you always need the works your life is marked

The Way you found me

The more i smoke, the more i drink the more i talk, the less i think the less i think, the more i feel folks don't change they just reveal my mind is broke, my last nerve is shot what you want from me, i ain't got two plus two will never be twenty-two so please don't tell me twice what i need to do there's no rules to lust only passion, and it can